We help apartments and apartment management companies overcome digital marketing challenges.

Dallas SEO Dogs’ proven strategy for multifamily marketing increases traffic and leases for your communities.

Improve apartment websites

Drive More Traffic

Engage Prospects in Conversations

Increase Social Following

Decrease Vacancies

Website Renovation or Enhancement

Great results start with a great website. Great websites rank well and convert visitors into tenants.


Your website MUST be mobile friendly or your Google rankings will suffer. That’s because most of your visitors are from mobile devices. They’ll leave if your site is not mobile friendly.


Your site also must be user-friendly. If users can’t find information, photos and pricing quickly, they’ll move on to another site that does.


If Google doesn’t like your site, no one will find it in search. Page load time, clean code and proper optimization is critical.

Professional Photography

As part of our program, Dallas SEO Dogs will find and fix site errors that are damaging your site. In the early stages of your project, we’ll identify critical and easy-to-fix problems that can solve months of traffic issues. Many of these will be site-wide issues that effect more than just single pages. As your project progresses, we’ll address other concerns on a priority basis.


Along with your photos, shoot video footage and interview your staff and tenants to create a video for the website and online ads. This gives prospects a more personal feel for your community.

Book a Tour Online (and on Mobile Devices!)

Online booking is a growing preference for apartment searchers and more than half prefer to do it after-hours. Save time and resources while letting prospects schedule at their convenience.

Online Rent Payments

Prospects are eliminating properties that don’t let them pay at their convenience and with their mobile devices.

Review Management

Reviews are critical for apartments! We increase positive reviews for apartments and display them on your site with links to the actual tenant review. This results in:

  • Better map rankings;
  • More visitors;
  • More confidence and trust; and
  • More leads and tenants.

We also monitor and handle responses for you!

Local SEO

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is important for Google, too! Dallas SEO Dogs’ local SEO specialists are experienced with techniques to increase your site’s visibility in local searches, send visitors to your website and book tours.

  • We adjust your site to be more relevant to your target city or neighborhood;
  • We improve “map pack” rankings
  • We optimize your Google My Business and other local directory listings; and
  • We increase positive reviews from real customers.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Dallas SEO Dogs can help you build brand awareness and a following in your local area. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are super-effective for targeting both demographics and geographical areas.

We develop programs for apartments and handle routine social media, social ad campaigns or both.

Search and Display Ads

Pay Per Click Ads can drive traffic from searches for apartments in your area.

  • You can run search ads in Google, Yahoo and Bing, on your budget.
  • With site retargeting, you can lure visitors back to your site by displaying your ads to them on other sites.

Dallas SEO Dogs can also serve ads on hundreds of thousands of mobile apps with geofencing and other types of retargeting.

Tracking, Analytics and Reporting

We often hear nightmare stories from clients about SEO companies “not doing anything.” We actually want you to know what’s going on with your project so that you can help provide information and be confident about our work!

Monthly Report

Each month, your project manager will produce a report and discuss it with you. The report details analytics, completed work and upcoming plans. The PM may also make suggestions on strategy and program adjustments as needed.

Call Tracking

With call tracking and A/B testing, we’ll know where visitors came from, what search terms they used, and what’s converting visitors to customers. This is an essential tool for conversion optimization.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track SEO for every client. Google analytics provides a wealth of information that lets us identify strengths and weaknesses in our strategy so that we may adjust accordingly.

Website Traffic Reports

We can provide an on-demand, customized dashboard depending on your needs. Your monthly project manager conversation will ensure that we’re on the same page. 

Keyword Ranking Reports

Dallas SEO Dogs focuses on traffic and conversions more than rankings, but rankings are helpful in noticing trends and areas of weakness. We include them in our reports.

Why should you trust Dallas SEO Dogs?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving search rankings and resulting traffic to a website. Google has more than 200 factors in how it ranks websites. Among the most significant are page load time, mobile friendliness, quality content, inbound links and title tags.

Search engine optimization is a viable strategy for most clients, but we don’t recommend it for everyone. If you need immediate results or have high competition and a low budget, paid traffic can be a better solution. pay-per-click delivers leads much faster. Let’s chat (our consultations are free!) and figure out the best solution for your needs.

Another question with a complex answer. If you’re comparing the two exclusively, social media advertising (like PPC) is a solution for more immediate traffic, or an alternative for clients with very high search competition or low budgets. Social media ads are inexpensive and target specific demographics and geographical areas. SEO focuses on search terms. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you identify the best strategy for your needs.

All of our SEO staff is in-house. Language is critical for SEO, and should never be performed by overseas contractors. Many companies without an in-house SEO staff outsource to contractors in India, China and the Philippines — these sources are notorious for spelling and word choice errors, outdated strategies and short-sighted goals. We will never risk damaging client websites and rankings by resorting to this practice.

Your results depend on a tremendous number of factors, including competition, where you rank before you start with us, domain authority, optimization done so far, and much more. While we can typically show traffic improvement within 60-90 days, SEO is a long-term investment and clients must be patient during the process. We can deliver immediate results with PPC advertising.

In most cases, we won’t require you to rebuild your site. Many clients come to us with poorly designed or outdated sites that are seriously hampering SEO efforts or conversions. In some cases, it makes very little sense to make a financial commitment to increase traffic if the site is fighting you every step of the way. We’ll recommend a new site if we think you need one, but that’s your option, of course. If you want us to build or rebuild a site, we do have a full-scale design and development team in house and we have a beautiful portfolio.

Yes, links are a big part of how search engines rank websites. Depending on the budget and goals of your project, we employ a variety of techniques to earn links and authoritative backlinks that can greatly enhance client rankings.

We’ve had experience with every type of Google penalty. If you’ve experienced a sharp downturn in traffic and rankings, contact us to discuss. We’ll work as quickly as possible to resolve the problem and get you back in Google’s good graces.

If anyone guarantees “#1 rankings”, you should quickly run in the other direction. Google itself cautions against dishonest guarantees, which are usually backed by some confusing or ambiguous language that allows paid ads, branded terms or terms with little traffic to satisfy the guarantee. Google’s algorithm constantly changes, your competition changes, and clients themselves may take actions that affect their own rankings. Don’t be fooled — no one can guarantee #1 results for competitive terms. 

If you have a writer on staff, you can write content. We can provide consulting on topics that might benefit you most and on content guidelines. If you don’t have the time or resources, we have a team of skilled writers who can take on that task. In either case, content is very important and content writing or consulting is part of most of our projects.

Dallas SEO Dogs produces monthly reports for each of its clients to show traffic and rankings stats and trends. We encourage clients to hold routine discussions (at least once a month) with their project manager to allow us to advise and collaborate, adjusting the strategy and budget based on the success of the project.

In short, with experienced SEOs, you get what you pay for. Legitimate companies don’t charge $150 a month for SEO or perform 10 hours of work for $10 an hour. $150 monthly SEO budgets are scams designed to take your money with little or no actual work. Be careful — look for a company with an actual office that you can visit, with local employees you can meet and speak to each month. It’s less common than you think.

Certainly. Depending on your products, budget and competition, we may recommend a blend of services, including SEO, social media and PPC advertising. We’ve had success with Ecommerce sites on a variety of shopping carts and plugins. We have a set strategy for these types of sites and can review it with you in your initial free consultation.

Yes — conversion optimization is one of our areas of expertise, including A/B testing. If we’re sending traffic to your site through SEO or any other service, we’d like to convert as many of those visitors to customers as possible. As your traffic grows, small incremental increases in conversions become more and more lucrative. The more traffic you have, the more we’ll focus on conversion optimization.

We’ve never used “black hat” techniques, which are short-sighted techniquest designed for a quick boost, but will get you in trouble with Google and result in catastrophic long-term effects for both us and our clients. We use aggressive strategies within Google’s guidelines. Our team takes part in mandatory research, seminars and in-house discussions to stay on the cutting edge of industry best practices so that our clients will always have the best strategy available.

Performing SEO work since 2003, we’re one of the most experienced SEO companies not only in Dallas, but nationwide. When you hire us, you get a team of skilled search engine optimization professionals, not a team of foreign contractors or “account managers” who manage 100 clients. Besides experience and expertise, our sister company, Big D Creative, is our in-house Web design and development team. Very few companies can claim that level of talent in-house.

Yes, our staff of design, development and search engine algorithms experts can perform an advanced technical SEO audit and form a comprehensive list of issues. Google now places heavy weight on user experience and page quality, so we work very hard to make pages as perfect as they can be, including minimizing errors and page load time.

We have a lot of knowledge about international SEO. As with search in the United States, things have changed quite a bit with international search in the last 10 years. The big differences are in search engines (Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Google have varying degrees of popularity in different countries). What we do benefits you in all search engines, but there are some specific things you should do for each engine — we make sure to do those for international companies.

The good news is that you may not need dramatic/costly changes to do well in other countries. If your site has a good domain authority, optimizing it properly will allow it to rank well in other countries without a separate site with a ccTLD (country-coded top-level domain) as was the case in the past. Many global brands have only one site with subfolders for multilingual or multi-regional content. You also get the benefit of having all of our digital marketing activity help one domain rather than multiplying the effort over several domains.

SEO isn’t a fixed price service — it varies with your goals, budget, competition, starting point, site history and many other factors. SEO isn’t right for everyone. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation and discuss options.

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