After we write content, Dallas SEO Dogs doesn’t stop there. Two critical tasks remain:

+1 Website Content Optimization

A complete on-page optimization. We typically add your main keyword phrase in the URL, title tag, H1 header, first sentence, and a few spots in the content. We try to add relevant terms and questions to the page and subheaders.

External links to trustworthy sources are important, as are internal links that give Google an idea of the structure and importance of your website pages.

+2 Content PROMOTION

Our SEO programs balance great content with promotional campaigns to earn links and shares. That means: (1) link prospecting with advanced tools and (2) just plain hard work.

Our link outreach program involves manual and automated process that encourages linking and sharing. That said, the bottom line is that your content must be great. If it’s not, you’reprobably just spinning your wheels with content.