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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click-PPCOne of the quickest ways to get your business noticed online is through the use of direct advertising. Dallas SEO Dogs’ pay-per-click experts can manage your existing PPC campaign or start a new one for you. While we strive to provide you much greater “free” clicks by optimizing your site and improving your organic rankings, pay-per-click campaigns place your business directly on search engine results pages, social media sites, mobile devices and more. Even if we’re performing SEO, Dallas SEO Dogs encourages many of its clients to take advantage of pay-per-click opportunities to drive traffic to their sites while we push their website to the top of the organic rankings.

How does the process work? We start by setting up a campaign with ads targeting keywords related to your products and services. Then, we target a broad range of terms so as to minimize the cost per click across your budget. Our tasks include:

  • keyword research and optimization
  • creation and expansion of ads
  • pruning of low performance keywords and ads
  • professional account management
  • structured campaign management
  • optimization and expansion of ad groups
  • budget management
  • ad & conversion tracking
  • improvement of Quality Score (AdWords)

To ensure maximum results, it is necessary to monitor, strategize, make changes and report on a regular, ongoing basis. We charge a flat ongoing monthly management fee based on your total monthly traffic budget to take care of everything for you.

Google is the most used search engine with numerous avenues for advertising and raising awareness for your business. With all the differing placement opportunities, it can be difficult to understand where to place your ad to get the most benefit for your spending. Let us navigate the Google infrastructure so you do not have to spend hours or days learning the details of using the system effectively, but still return results that mean views for your site and sales for your business.

Google Adwords Advertising puts your business at the top and sides of search engine results pages and additionally spreads the message to any of their partnered websites. With the millions of searches done on Google, you can take advantage of customers seeking out you or your services. We have the expertise to fine-tune your advertising campaigns to reach the customers who are most willing to buy.

All of our work is completely within your PPC account (or an account we create for you, if you don’t have one). Dallas SEO Dogs takes care of the whole process. We may recommend modifications to your website to make your campaign more effective. Our work and your accounts always stay under your control, even if you decide to cancel our work. Your Google AdWords account and your data are valuable assets and we want to keep it that way. You’ll have access to your account and it will be funded with your credit card. We do not hold accounts in our name (unless you want us to) or flow any of your PPC budget through Dallas SEO Dogs. We manage pay-per-click campaigns with “complete transparency!

Youtube has become a critical website for advertising. Users can now imbed links into videos themselves, and is one of many popular sites filled with banner and sidebar ad space. You can take your advertising to this next level, where consumers are more likely to be using the same (or specialized) spaces where your ads and Adwords campaigns can work effectively. We can guide you through advertising strategies for Youtube, Blogger-based sites, and numerous other Google-partner websites, such as Google Shopping.
Mobile devices have one of the fastest conversion rates for online advertising and marketing. Putting your message on a mobile device with a clear call to action and direct method of contact is the easiest way for consumers to contact your business when they need it most. Increase your sales with mobile device advertising and marketing. We’ll push your message onto these devices and make sure these ad spaces perform optimally.
Advertising online can be done numerous ways with….

Facebook Ad Placement & Twtter Ad Placement

Facebook has become the biggest social media platform and a viable advertising avenue for many businesses, with Twitter being one of the best resources to spark viral content. These advertising platforms can be customized to reach out to a very specific subset of consumers, based on your company’s needs and budget. For campaigns focused on a specific niche market, advertising through Facebook or Twitter can be effective by paying these sites to promote a product page, account, or specific post. We set up and manage any campaign that your business wants, in order to reach out to Facebook and Twitter users far and wide.

LinkedIn Advertising

For professional and business focused advertising, LinkedIn provides advertising opportunities to be shown on the side bar of the LinkedIn website and in user’s newsfeeds. We can expose your business to this network of professional consumers and drive traffic to your website with a LinkedIn advertising campaign.


To work with Dallas SEO Dogs, you’ll consult with one of our qualified specialists about your specific business and goals. Your only contract obligation is for our setup and first month of management fees – otherwise, our agreements are month-to-month.