Most websites have a conversion rate of less than 3% on the first visit. Remarketing helps you re-engage with the 97% who don’t convert. Dallas SEO Dogs uses remarketing (or “retargeting”) for a majority of its clients as a highly cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

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Mobile Retargeting

Dynamic Retargeting

Website Retargeting

Social Media Retargeting


Dallas SEO Dogs’ remarketing experts add a tracking code to your website that records visitors and leaves a cookie on their device. If they don’t contact you or make a purchase, we can display your ads on other websites and apps they visit. We can tailor their experience to the products and services they were interested in on your website.

  • Advertise to customers on other websites and social media platforms
  • Customize retargeting ads based the user’s activity and engagement
  • Track your remarketing campaign (where your ads are and cost per click)
  • A/B test to maximize ROI
  • Adjust ads and placement based on testing results, new opportunities, spending patterns


Users who have searched Google for products and services you offer provide can also be served your ads — tailored to the keywords they used. So, even if a potential customer doesn’t click on your listing in search results, you can retarget them based on their search history in Google and other sites.


Instagram and Facebook retargeting is similar to the process with Google. When users visit your site or interact with you, they get a tracking cookie. Then, we deliver ads to their Facebook feed that remind them of their interest in your products and services.

The cost per click on Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads is very high. If a user has already visited your site, shared your material, or engaged with you on an app or your blog, the odds are much greater that they will click on your ad and become a customer. Dallas SEO Dogs stats show that retargeting ads on Instagram and Facebook get 300-400% more engagement than normal ads. Conversions are also far less expensive than standard search ads!


They’re Already Interested!

Remarketing targets people who have already visited your site or engaged with your brand

Stay Top-of-Mind

Retargeting ads are consistent reminders to visitors whose decision-making process was interrupted

Powerful Segmenting

Dallas SEO Dogs can track users based on views and activity.

Tracking and Analytics

We track and analyze clicks, conversions, CTR, CPC, CPA, sale value, order ID and much more — all updated with high frequency.

Your Cookies Stay Fresh

We retarget only the latest visitors, not stale visitors who are probably no longer interested.

High IQ Managers

Your account manager will make smart decisions as an expert in optimizing media and will quickly gain knowledge of your products, services and audience.

Scalability and Transparency

We work with the largest display networks and have precise control over where your ads are serving.

A Customized Solution

Your needs are unique, whether you’re B2B or B2C, large or small, local or national. We tailor your display ad campaigns to beat your competition.


No difference — the terms are interchangeable.

Dallas SEO Dogs has access to a huge display inventory. Your ads can appear on a multitude of major ad networks. We make sure that the sites we deliver ads to are quality sites and can blacklist those that are inappropriate for your audience or brand.

We offer an industry-low 3-month minimum commitment. We require a commitment because we dedicate and schedule resources for your campaigns.

Absolutely! Your campaigns can target users by country, region, state, demographic market area (DMA), and/or ZIP code. Your account manager will work with you to designate geographical areas for your remarketing campaigns.

Visitors who have disabled cookies can’t be retargeted. Users who erase their cookies cannot be retargeted until they revisit your site.

Hopefully, indefinitely! If your campaigns are producing revenue, there’s no reason to cancel them. We will provide and work with you to help you understand your campaign’s results. Rest assured that if any ad campaign is not working, Dallas SEO Dogs will recommend changes to the campaign or budget so that you may re-allocate resources.

With Facebook remarketing, we deliver ads on Facebook to users who have visited your website. Similar to Google remarketing, we add a site tracking tag to your site’s code. This tag places a “cookie” in the visitor’s browser that anonymously tracks their visit to your site. Dallas SEO Dogs then creates Facebook ad campaigns that deliver your ads to the right of the user’s news feed.

Facebook right-hand side ads have a high reach with low cost and engagement. The opposite is true for ads that appear in the user’s news feed.

The cost and reach of website ads vary. We’ll recommend a starting point for these ads based on our analysis and experience, which can be adjusted going forward with results.

Let’s Retarget Your Site Visitors!

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