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Website Analysis & Optimization

shutterstock_151614230A major portion of search engine optimization is ensuring that your site is working correctly, and built with your industry, and more importantly, your customers, in mind. Just one broken link, dysfunctional bit of programming, or dead-end page can harm your search engine rankings more than you think. Dallas SEO Dogs assesses your website through a number of criteria — providing the diagnostic tools, analysis and tune-ups necessary to ensure your website loads quickly, runs smoothly, and provides optimal results.

Title Tag and Meta Tag Optimization

The meta description tag and the meta keywords tag were developed so that webmasters would have a consistent method for providing meta document data to user agents, such as search engines. These tags are essential to some search engines for website visibility behind the scenes, when search engines “crawl” your page’s content to determine how to rank it, based on a query.

HTML Code Optimization

Search engines depend on programs that use complex algorithms to crawl, or examine, your website for information to decide which keywords your site will be listed for when someone performs a search. Your website needs to be coded correctly and precisely for these programs to read what your business or website has to offer. Dallas SEO Dogs analysts will examine your website’s code to ensure that the necessary information is picked up by search engines and that potential customers find your page quickly and easily.

XML Sitemap Creation

As part of Dallas SEO Dogs’ website optimization service, we create a sitemap.xml document for your website. This file provides a source connecting all the pages of your website, allowing visitors and/or search engine programs to find any page quickly. Essentially, it gives both you and search engine programs a roadmap of where information on your website can be can be found.

Robots.txt Implementation

The use of this document on your website is critical for your website so that the correct information is be picked up by search engines. This document controls which pages on your website can or cannot be read by search engines. Dallas SEO Dogs uses this document effectively to help your website’s rankings, avoiding detracting pages and improving overall visibility for the most important aspects of your site.