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Other Services

Dallas SEO Dogs offers customized services to our clients to meet their business needs and goals. Not all of our services can be summed up in simple categories, so for all of our additional services, navigate these categories to find a solution to meet your needs. Our services can serve small to corporate size businesses with markets ranging from local cities to multinational campaigns.

For many local businesses, generating more sales is about getting your service or product in front of the customer first. Getting higher placement on search engine results, providing your customers a convenient location, or getting positive word of mouth will help you achieve those goals. Dallas SEO Dogs’ expertise in in local search marketing is at the forefront of our specialties.

Google Maps Placement

Dallas SEO Dogs will work to get your business placed in Google Places so that your customers will quickly know that you serve their area. With Google Places, you’ll get a listing in both Google Maps and in Google plus. We’ll also work to get your site into the first page maps listings that are embedded into Google’s organic search results. Your business will then be easily accessible to mobile users who rely on maps listings as they travel or seek out local business locations.

Local Directory Placement

Local directories are a great way to increase your odds of potential customers finding your business. They also serve the dual purpose of adding valuable links to your site. Dallas SEO Dogs can place your website on the most effective online and offline directories to ensure that potential customers can find you quickly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization should not always be completely turned over to an outside entity to handle your company’s online affairs for you. Your website is an extension of you and your personnel. Dallas SEO Dogs’ consulting gives you the necessary information you need to portray the right message. You may not need to know all the technical details or inner workings of your website, but you need to understand how your information is delivered to your customers. We provide that information for you, from an audit of your website, to teaching your personnel to stand on their own two feet and perform your search engine optimization in-house.
Having trouble getting your site shown on any search engine? Has your site been flagged unnecessarily for spam or inappropriate content? Confused that you’ve been affected by vague terms like “black hat SEO tactics” or the infamous “penguin” and “panda” updates that have seemingly hurt your websites rankings? We can help. We bring your website back from the search engine blacklist. Enlist our help to market your website the right way and erase negative marks on your website’s record.
Video media is a vitally popular online form of marketing and communication. With video platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and Instagram video, the number of videos online is increasing at an exponential rate, which is already saying a lot. People have been promotional videos to the Internet for over 15 years, and now, in many places, it’s possible to embed multiple links within a video. “Virality”, spreading your message far and wide, is the goal for just about anybody uploading a video to the Internet. To help the process, you need careful consideration of your idea, and the potential viewers across various platforms, to make sure that people can find your video easily. We optimize your videos with a creative, thought-out, and often-fun approach to video marketing, setting the good foundation on which views and sharing with others are more likely to happen.