We keep things simple. Our social media advertising team combines appropriate social media networks into one strategy based on research, conversion data, and your goals. The results are measurable and scalable.

We’ll also manage all of your campaigns with one single fee.


Whoever your target audience is, many of them use social media. If you choose to ignore social media, you miss out on an opportunity to connect with your audience every day. With social media advertising, we can deliver your message to your target demographics and to people with interests matching your services. These types of ads can simply help you make new connections, increase brand and product recognition or help to overcome other barriers that are preventing you from reaching your audience in social.

As businesses began to dominate social news feeds, Facebook and other platforms began to filter business posts from user feeds. That’s why paid ads and promoted posts have become an essential component of Dallas SEO Dogs’ social media strategy — they offer guaranteed visibility for your brand and your message.

You probably don’t have the time to manage your business and run ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, but we do! SEO Dogs’ team of experienced social media specialists help you reach the right target audience, maximize the return on your ad spend, and grow your following for long-term results.


Demographics Targeting

Social networking services like Facebook and LinkedIn gather a tremendous amount of data about their users. With that data, Dallas SEO Dogs can create and direct ads to those users who match your particular demographic criteria. We can also study the behavior of your target audience and tailor advertisements for that audience. Your product or service itself may dictate who your audience should be and which advertisements are most effective. Our task is to find out where they spend their time online and create and deliver ads to those places.

Interest-based Advertising

Social media sites gather data from visitors’ online behavior and predict their interests based on that data. If you follow a person or business, like a post about a particular topic or join a group, sites like Facebook may be able to collect this data and add it to your profile. Your profile data then lets advertisers deliver you ads related to your interests.


The options for paid advertising in social media may seem overwhelming. Let our social media experts choose a strategy based on your unique goals and audience. Our social media specialists have achieved tremendous results for a variety of clients through research, planning, and years of experience. Our experience with a variety of alternative approaches also allows us to adjust as needed, to ensure the best return on your ad spend.

We won’t insist on paid social media! There are many ways to improve your brand recognition and increase sales through digital marketing. If social media ads are not the best choice for your business, we won’t push them on you — we’ll recommend other options that fit your budget and goals.

After we begin a social media paid advertising project, our strategy will remain flexible. You’ll receive routine reports from our team with stats, analytics, and recommendations and our project manager will review the information with you to make sure we’re on the same page. Throughout your project, we may recommend adjustments to your social media or overall strategy that will deliver better results or multiply high returns. Dallas SEO Dogs develops strong client relationships — our goal is to be your long-term partner in your growth and success. Your input and understanding throughout your project is critical to achieving that goal.

Your advertising will never be outsourced overseas. As social media has grown, so has the number of companies competing for visibility. Many digital marketing companies offer social media services for bargain basement prices — outsourced overseas. Our in-house social media specialists deliver real results that have a positive impact on revenue and growth.

Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting

We often hear nightmare stories from clients about SEO companies “not doing anything.” We actually want you to know what’s going on with your project so that you can help provide information and be confident about our work!

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Transparent Reporting

Dedicated Social Media Specialists


Social media advertising is mandatory for online social success as a business. It includes placing targeted ads and promoting posts to users on social platforms. We advertise on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Social platforms have a great deal of information about users, including their interests and interactions. While routine posts reach only a small fraction of your followers, ads can be a powerful, tool to reach a targeted audience.

Yes! Great social media campaigns reach the right audience at the right time — with a relatively small cost. They have the added benefit of increasing brand recognition and product awareness. Social media ads can begin attracting customers as soon as you launch them.

Yes, we can manage routine social. The goal of our social media management projects is to present a professional image of your company across relevant social platforms. Dallas SEO Dogs’ monthly fees are very reasonable considering the work involved and quality of posts. We can make a recommendation on budget, or if you have a small budget, we can propose a plan to give you a great social presence within that budget.

We use several tools — some are proprietary and some are 3rd-party tools. They help us optimize your social media campaigns, perform research, provide stats and analysis, and more.

We have general strategies for certain types of businesses and budgets, but we customize them for each client. New businesses with no following need to use advertising just to reach their audience. Clients with an existing following need a stream of routine posts and engagement as well as social media advertising to reach the rest of their audience and to create new leads.

Your social media ad spend should be based on our recommendations and your budget. The more you spend, the more visibility your ad will receive (to a certain extent). For clients with small budgets, we recommend an ad spend of at least $250 per month. Larger organizations with a national focus and higher budgets can spend much more with a great ROI. In either case, our fees are a percentage of your ad spend, with a minimum retainer.

The channels we choose will depend on 4 critical factors:

  1. Where your target customers are most concentrated (usage, groups, etc.)
  2. Where your target customers are most accessible (preferred media, ad targeting, etc.)
  3. Where your target customers most actively engage with ads (testing required)
  4. Your budget

Each platform has different demographics. Most have some form of interest targeting as well. LinkedIn is a more professional platform but can be very effective in targeting people in specific industries job positions. For routine engagement and brand awareness, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are effective. Dallas SEO Dogs will work with you to select platforms and develop an appropriate strategy for your social media advertising campaigns.

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When we chat with you, we want to be confident that our services will bring a healthy ROI. Your discussion will be with a staff member who does not receive commission and whose main goal is to see how we can help you.

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