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We are content and social marketing ninjas with a proven strategy. We first identify your target audience demographics, how they find information and what type of content they engage with. We then create dialogue with your audience so that then they need your services, you’re top of mind. Our social media management services include:

Blog & Social Media Strategy

Awesome Community Management

Social Content Creation & Curation

Social Listening

Brick & Mortar / Local Venue Page Management

Building Influence and Authority

Paid Social Media Ad Campaigns

Consulting and Monitoring

Social Media Expertise with All Business Types and Sizes

Dallas SEO Dogs creates and manages customized social media campaigns that save time, provide expertise and (most importantly) deliver results. We’ve served more than 750 clients. That experience includes a wide array of business types, budgets and target audiences, so we’re able to produce and execute a strategy works. We know what social platforms you should use, and whether you should integrate paid ads and boosted posts. We can also provide guidance on allocation of funds between social, SEO, search advertising and other ad types.

Social Media with ROI

The bottom line for all social media projects is ROI — both long-term and short. Growing your social following, and engaging with your target audience has long-term benefits. For most businesses, we also recommend social media advertising which focuses on both immediate results and building brand awareness and allows you to connect with a much larger audience than is otherwise possible in the short term.

Reporting and Consulting

Dallas SEO Dogs is a social media marketing company that offers complete transparency. This relationship is a partnership! Encouraging and seeking input from our clients (1) keeps them informed, helps us deliver the right message to the right audience, and (3) allows us to stay on track with your goals and budget.
We provide a local, in-house account manager dedicated to your project. You’ll receive monthly, customized reports detailing our tasks, results and plans for the next month. We use analytics and data-tracking tools to continuously hone our social media management strategy and provide the best advice and service possible.


Social media management is the process of communicating and engaging with your target audience over a variety of appropriate social media platforms. Prospects and customers communicate via social platforms; engaging with them and sharing your expertise and knowledge is critical to growing your brand. Whether we’re managing daily social media and responses or just advertising, our focus will always be on create more leads and increasing revenue.

Dallas SEO Dogs’ monthly fees are very reasonable based on the amount of work we do. We’ll discuss everything with you and recommend a social media management package that fits your needs and budget.

That’s the goal, yes. 🙂 If we manage your profiles well, with creative posts and promotions instead of simply re-posting other people’s content, your customer engagement and following will grow. You have to engage with prospects and followers and provide information they need. Adding ads and promoted posts to the mix can have a big impact with increased leads and clients.

We use several tools — some are proprietary and some are 3rd-party tools. They help us optimize your social media campaigns, perform research, provide stats and analysis, and more.

Social media can benefit most businesses. Dallas SEO Dogs won’t recommend a service that we don’t believe will return results. If we don’t think social media is the best fit for your budget, we’ll recommend an alternate plan. Social media advertising is beneficial for almost every client with a reasonable budget. A solid social media strategy produces more than just likes and comments — it produces real leads and customers.

We have general strategies for certain types of businesses and budgets, but we customize them for each client. New businesses with no following need to use advertising just to reach their audience. Clients with an existing following need a stream of routine posts and engagement as well as social media advertising to reach the rest of their audience and to create new leads.

This question should ultimately be determined by our recommendations and your budget. There is some flexibility, as the more you spend, the more exposure you receive. Typically, we don’t recommend budgets lower than $300 per month for local or $1000 for national campaign. Our fees are a percentage of your ad spend, with a minimum retainer.

This will be determined by your target audience, your goals, and your budget. Facebook and Instagram are typically useful for leads because you can target geographical areas, demographics and interests. LinkedIn is usually more expensive but is useful for some businesses. budgets, LinkedIn is also a good option for generating leads. For routine engagement and brand awareness, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all recommended, depending on your audience’s demographics. Dallas SEO Dogs will work with you to select platforms and develop an appropriate strategy.
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