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Content Writing

shutterstock_126226676For websites to make it to the top listing for search engine results, “Content is King,” as Bill Gates said many years ago. That statement is even truer today. Increasing your rankings on search engines relies significantly not only on the amount of traffic that visits your website, but the content within your site. In this era of constant communication and information overload, the way to get your information read and shared with the most people is effective writing and strategic placement. We make sure your content is optimized for keywords and clarity, is engaging to your audience, and is thoughtfully updated based on the needs of your website and industry.

Blog Writing

We advocate the use of blogs as a means of keeping the content on your website fresh and unique. Blogs can provide useful information to your customers and drive traffic to your website if you utilized correctly. Sometimes it takes a bit of luck, or a friend sharing your link across another platform, but more importantly, it gives search engines crawlers a reason to believe your company is actively engaged in the web. We will write and manage your company’s blogs to ensure the most engaging user experience for your site.

Social Media Updates

Using social media as a marketing or branding tool loses its effectiveness if not updated consistently or if you are not responsive to your followers. We take over your social media account management to drive traffic to your website and increase your social media following with interesting posts and customer interaction.

Guest-Writing Network

Increasing your following on social media or gaining exposure to your web content can be helped greatly by having a prominent expert in your industry post an article exclusively to your blog, or vice-versa. This is known as “guest-blogging”, an empathic, mutual agreement to help promote another’s content while having them simultaneously promote yours. We have the experience and connections in the industry to find and connect your business with experts that can be beneficial for you.