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Dallas SEO Dogs and its sister company Big D Creative combine to bring an unmatched skill set to every project. With innovative strategies and expertise in both digital marketing and design, we’re your one-stop shop.

We don’t simply make beautiful websites — through consultation and research we learn how your audience engages with content and makes decisions. Then, using modern tools, we build a custom solution that quickly provides information and encourages visitors to become customers. Our mobile-first mindset maximizes those odds across all devices.

How We Make Your Website Great

Mobile-First, Responsive Design

Informative, Engaging Content

Visually Appealing

Easy to Navigate

Great Calls to Action

SEO Planning and Execution

Error-Free, Clean Code

Fast-Loading/Cache System


WordPress Training Included

WordPress Websites

WordPress now powers more than half of all websites with a wide array of plugins and extensions, making WordPress sites the perfect solution for most of our clients. Fortunately, Dallas SEO Dogs developers are true WordPress ninjas! We create SEO-friendly sites that look and function perfectly on all devices. An easy-to-use backend interface provides our marketing team with easy management tools and allows clients and manage the site on their own if they wish.

We can design, develop and launch a beautiful WordPress website in a matter of weeks, including SEO setup and ecommerce. We also offer an affordable, optional WordPress Care Plan to take care of hosting, SSL, security monitoring and backups as well as monthly WordPress, theme and plugin updates.

E-commerce Websites

Dallas SEO Dogs can build e-commerce solutions appropriate for the size and goals of your project. There are many options and degrees of complexity in e-commerce sites. Usability, user experience and accessibility are critical factors in our projects. We also make sure that customers feel safe on your site and that their private information is protected.

When we design and develop an e-commerce website, we take care of the entire process for you, including website strategy, design and development, e-commerce platform and gateway selection, fulfillment, shipping, marketing and customer service automation and branding. 

Any Platform, Any Size Project, However Complex — We Can Do It

While we’re WordPress experts, our development team is full scale and has worked with thousands of clients and projects of all sizes and complexity. That’s given us comprehensive experience and knowledge across most platforms and separates us from virtually all of our competition. Whatever your CMS, CRM, ERP, web host or registrar may be, we can work with it or recommend a solution.

Why Trust Dallas SEO Dogs?

One of Dallas’ longest running Web design teams

A Google Partner

Located in the Dallas West End

25% of our business is from referrals

Rare In-house SEO and Web teams working together

More than 1000 happy clients!


Our sites start at $2500 and depend mainly on the number of unique layouts we have to design, any custom development, e-commerce requirements, and whether we’re writing content or you are. We do provide discounts (sometimes complimentary websites) when you sign up for a marketing program. Call us for details!

Even if you don’t depend on your website for sales, many potential customers will visit your site. Prospects may visit your site to learn more about you. If you don’t have a site, that raises huge questions about your legitimacy. If your site is outdated or poorly designed, that reflects on your business just as your physical office does to a visitor. If the site is slow or difficult to navigate, visitors may not be able to find the information they’re looking for… or they may go elsewhere. Just as importantly, the site needs great calls to action. Make it easy for them to inquire about your services, place an order or contact you.

Our project flow is consistent across most projects. We may spend more or less time on certain phases depending on the complexity of the project and what services the site needs to support.

  • We have an initial questionnaire and discovery call with the client.
  • Our team performs research & strategic planning and meets with the marketing team to discuss best options.
  • We produce layouts for your review. You can review them in a browser and make comments on the screen. We can discuss if needed.
  • As layouts are approved, they are sent to development.
  • We have a QA/QC process to ensure minimal errors and problems at launch.
  • We do redirects from your old site pages to new site pages, if applicable.
  • We launch the site.
  • We have a warranty to correct errors for 90 days after launch at no charge to you.
Design and development time varies depending on several factors, such as the number of layouts we design, e-commerce, content writing and delivery, as well as the expediency of your own input and approval. Sites can be done in one week or may take many months. In your proposal, we’ll set an approximate delivery date from content delivery and mockup approval — those are the two things over which we have the least control. Sites are important — they shouldn’t be rushed and produced haphazardly.

If you have someone skilled at writing, you can write the content. If you have great content already, we can use that and simply redesign the look and feel of your website. Dallas SEO Dogs will advise you on content and any areas of weakness. If you don’t have the time or resources to address them, we have a team of skilled writers who can take on that task. In either case, content is critical! It’s what makes websites great and rank well in Google.

If your site is poorly designed or outdated, it impacts your business in many ways, most of which also handicap our efforts in SEO and PPC. If your site doesn’t convert visitors to customers at a high rate, you’re wasting many of your other marketing efforts. We’ll recommend a new site if we think you need one. If you don’t, that’s great — let’s get started with bringing new leads to your site.

Would you choose someone who lives in India or your nephew to design your office? The same thing should apply to your website — it’s your virtual office. Please check out our portfolio — we spend a great deal of time on designing each page to be readable, look great on all devices, and convert visitors to customers. Our in-house SEO and web design & development teams also work together to make your site as Google-friendly as possible when it launches.

These are things you get with an experienced team that has skill in not just web design and development, but all aspects of digital marketing.

We can, and we do! We work with various e-commerce solutions and can provide advice and recommendations on a variety of shopping carts and plugins. We have a set strategy for these types of sites and can review it with you in your initial free consultation.

We are one of the few full-scale digital marketing agencies that has a full-scale web design and development team (Big D Creative) in-house. The two teams work together to produce amazing websites that bring in visitors and convert them to customers. Working with different teams for these tasks, or outsourcing them overseas results in disconnect and a ton of redo. We avoid all of that with in-house expertise.

Let’s Build You a Site that Delivers Customers!

When we chat, you’ll get advice from a staff member who does NOT receive commission and whose main goal is to see how we can help you.

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