We all want higher rankings, more traffic, and more leads, right?

Consider These Three Facts:

  1. Search engines want to provide users with the most relevant, quality sites possible in search results.
  2. Other sites want to link to great websites.
  3. People want to visit great websites and are more likely to make purchases from great websites.

Our technical SEO audits identify problems that prevent your site from being as “great” as it can be.


Our process is an exhaustive analysis. We will examine all aspects of your site, including:

Site structure analysis

Review analytics & tracking

Site speed test (mobile and desktop)

Keyword analysis

Backlink analysis

Conversion analysis

User Accessibility

Search Engine Indexing

Competitor analysis

Content analysis

Internal link analysis

Test contact forms and tracking codes

Site Architecture

Local search analysis


URL structure

Technical SEO Audits Are Your Site’s 100-Point Inspection

Our technical seo audit is like a comprehensive inspection from your mechanic. It’s important to realize that the technical SEO audit is the best first step in optimization. We identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Afterward, we can address issues on a priority basis, adjust your overall strategy, and get on the road to long-term greatness.


  1. User experience
  2. Search engines’ ability to index your content
  3. Your Google and Bing search rankings
  4. The odds that users will click on your search result
  5. The odds that users will find what they are looking for on your site
  6. The odds that users will actually read your content
  7. The odds that users will make a purchase or contact you
  8. The odds that users will share your pages or site through social media or word of mouth
  9. The odds that you will earn positive reviews
  10. The odds that other sites will link to you


Our team employs highly technical resources that are experts in design, development, and search engine algorithms. We recognize site failures and areas for improvement through our technical SEO audit process.

Dallas SEO Dogs has helped hundreds of clients with:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Cloaking Issues
  • W3C Validation
  • Spam
  • 401 Redirects
  • Mobile SEO
  • URL Best Practices
  • One-page Sites
  • Robots.Txt
  • Page Load Time
  • Bad Backlinks
  • Anchor Text Issues
  • Many Other Issues!

There are more than 200 factors in Google’s algorithm — that’s a lot to consider! Our SEO audits involve Google & Bing Webmaster Tools and other industry-leading tools that help us form a comprehensive list of issues. With Google placing increasing importance on user experience and overall page quality, every small reduction in page load time or page errors helps.

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When we perform a technical SEO audit, we are able to identify a wide range of problems that affect your site’s performance, usability, search rankings, and more. As part of your ongoing SEO project, we will work to eliminate these problems on a priority basis (attacking the most important issues first). As we do so, your search rankings will improve, you will have more traffic and users will spend more time on your site, your leads will improve and your revenue will increase. Doesn’t that sound good?

Our audits have differing levels of sophistication depending on your site. Dallas SEO Dogs audits always include a set number of features like site speed test, keyword and content analysis, competitor analysis, linking analysis, local search analysis, and more. Larger or more complex sites require much more analysis and detail. We will discuss the specific components of your audit with you in advance.

We recommend a site audit every 2 years or so at least. Larger websites with more transactions and traffic should be audited more frequently.

Simple audits (SEO assessments) are included in your proposal, but technical audits are a separate service. For small sites, they can be included in the SEO monthly package as an initial service. For larger sites, prices will vary depending on the size of the site and type of site but typically begin at $2000.

We have more experience and expertise than most companies. Our resources are also unique. Very few companies have a full-scale web design and development team and experienced SEO specialists in house. Most outsource one or the other. We can also provide documentation to educate your staff.

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Site Challenges!

Let’s see how we can improve your site’s traffic and conversions. After a complimentary consultation, our highly-skilled SEO specialists will provide a quote for your site based on the work required.

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