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Social Media Marketing Platforms

Our custom social media marketing services allow you to build brand awareness and grow leads and revenue. We support Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms with monthly content and advertising. All social media marketing services involve intense efforts to understand your business and your ideal customer. Regardless of your industry, your target audience is on one of these platforms!


Our social media agency works with both organic and paid Facebook campaigns to reach Facebook’s massive 1.5 BILLION users each day. Our Facebook marketing services include developing content for campaigns, creating images that engage your audience, and maintaining and developing relationships with leads.


If Facebook’s audience is a match for your target demographic, we’ll build a strategy for creating content, reaching and engaging those ideal customers.


Dallas SEO Dogs Instagram marketing services are designed for small to medium-sized businesses. As a visual platform, Instagram demands creative, custom images, and story content that engages and grows followers.


Our Instagram marketing services are perfect for funneling interested users to your website for purchases or to download and install your app. Targeted advertising options include saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.


It’s no longer just your online resume! With a huge amount of data on its 500 million+ active users, LinkedIn marketing offers effective targeting of professionals and decision-makers. Your content can reach users by industry, interests, job title, skill, company, and other demographics.


For B2B companies, 9 out of 10 business leaders prefer LinkedIn for social media content. Since only 1% of users post content regularly, Linkedin marketing services are perfect for becoming a thought leader in your industry.


YouTube is the world’s second most popular site, #1 social platform, and for some businesses, the best channel for video marketing. With many pricing options and ad types, we can refine and test a YouTube ad strategy to get the most bang for your buck.


Highly targeted YouTube ads have been some of our most successful campaigns because of great success metrics (views, view rate, earned actions and impressions, etc.). Dallas SEO Dogs YouTube marketing services can handle the whole process for you, or use content you create for YouTube advertising.


Pinterest’s 250 million users are 80% female and looking for products and ideas. 87 percent of Pinterest users have purchased a product after seeing it on Pinterest! By running ads on Pinterest, we help you excite and connect with people who are looking for your products.


With Pinterest marketing services, we generate leads from promoted carousels, pins, and videos and encourage app downloads. Grow your online store, Etsy store, and more by advertising on this underrated platform.


Even with the super-active user base of 300 million Millennials and Gen Xers, Twitter marketing is often left out of social media marketing strategies. The platform isn’t just for B2C companies, though. A great social media management company can help you develop relationships with business leaders, influencers, and marketers.


Great content, communication skills, and social monitoring can make connections that develop into real leads and brand advocates on Twitter. Dallas SEO Dogs’ Twitter marketing solutions use curated and original content, plus advertising, to do just that.

An Award-Winning
Dallas Social Media Agency


buzz kill review management case study image


increase in 5-star reviews in 3 months


increase in clicks and calls from maps and Google My Business

“Great Digital Marketing agency! We have used these guys for several years for our SEO, web hosting, review management, web design and maintenance. They are very on top of their SEO game by making changes to my site that seem to compliment changes in search engine algorithms. Thanks for the years of great SEO!”

Scott Frazer CEO, Buzz Kill Pest Control

After three months of our work, Google reviews for Buzz Kill Pest Control’s Fort Worth location had grown from 2 to 38. Clicks and calls from maps, map packs and Buzz Kill’s Google My Business listing increased by 300%.


“I am ecstatic with all of the work that you guys have done.”

Brent Boecking - CEO, Pro-Care Medical Center

“SEO Dogs has done amazing work for my business and the West End Association! I highly recommend them.”

Chase Headley - Board Member, West End Association/1001 Wine and Spirits

“Seeing us in map packs and organic page one brings a tear to my eye… the fact that we appear when when you are in Deep Ellum or near there is all the better. Thank you for the fine work!”

Mike Backlund - Proprietor, HIDE Bar
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Social Media Agency

We are content and social marketing ninjas with a proven strategy. We first identify your target audience demographics, how they find information, and what type of content they engage with. We then create a dialogue with your audience so that then they need your services, you’re top of mind.

Our social media marketing services include:

Social Media Profile Design & Setup

Each of your social networks should have consistent branding, presented within the rules of the platform… but with the platform’s demographics and your brand’s messaging and tone in mind. Dallas SEO Dogs provides professional, appropriate design and messaging for your brand across social channels.

Social Listening & Monitoring

Social listening campaigns help you locate engagement and communication opportunities as they arise. This service also helps your team respond to customer service requests through social media.

Image and Video Content

Great custom images and infographics help your social media campaigns stand out from the crowd… and videos get even more attention. Dallas SEO Dogs creates interesting, visually stimulating graphical and video content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Social Media Advertising

The major social media advertising platforms have different audiences, content, ad types, and user engagement. We identify the right platforms for your audience and goals. Social media ads boost visibility and allow us to engage your audience and encourage them to become customers (or repeat customers).

Locations Page Management

Did you know that for businesses with more than one location, 85% of customer engagement happens on their locations pages? On major social platforms, having and maintaining these location pages is critical for communicating with your audience. Dallas SEO Dogs can help with your social media marketing.

Blogging and Content Curation

Our content team creates original blog content to share and promote through social media. Our social media marketing specialists support that with curated content (quality, relevant content from 3rd party sources, shared with comments).

Social Media Consulting

For our social media advertising clients, we also work with your team to improve and optimize in-house content.

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Why Trust Dallas SEO Dogs Social Media Marketing Services?

Our best argument is simply our client retention rate. We’re a team of experts that know social media. We’re transparent in everything we do ⁠— you have other things to be stressed about. We think ahead and constantly tweak your social media strategy. Here’s why you’re in great hands with Dallas SEO Dogs’ best social media marketing services in Dallas, Texas.

  • Our 98% Client Retention Rate.

    Enough said. UPDATE: We haven’t lost a single client during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Social Media Expertise with All Business Types and Sizes

    Dallas SEO Dogs creates and manages customized social media campaigns that save time, provide expertise, and deliver customers. Having served more than 400 clients, our experience covers a wide array of business types, budgets, and target audiences. That’s awesome experience for creating a social strategy that really works.

    What social platforms should you use? Should you advertise and boost posts? How can social work together with SEO, paid search, and other marketing options? We have the answers!

  • Transparent Pricing, Tracking and Analytics

    We don’t hide anything from you. You’ll always know your actual ad spend and have access to your account and social media platforms. We want you to know about leads and conversions and other statistics so that we can help you understand which social channels are delivering results.

  • Excellent Communication and Reporting

    Dallas SEO Dogs wants to communicate with you and understand your business, goals, and audience. It helps us make the best strategy… and it helps us make you happy. Your social media specialist will also reach out to you each month to ask for any overdue calls to review progress, plans, and recommendations.

  • Experience, Training and Learning

    We’ve grown leads through social media management for 15 years! How? Because we learn and adapt. Social channels constantly evolve, and we evolve with them. We speak and learn at social media seminars, conferences, and meetups and we’re constantly discussing innovation with industry peers. The results show in the results our work provides for you.

  • Dallas Social Media Services, Not Outsourced Overseas

    We’re not offering social media management from Mumbai or Mexico. or we don’t have fake “virtual offices” in Dallas and 50 other cities. We live and work in Dallas and understand the DFW market!

    Your social media management services will never be outsourced overseas (if someone offers you social media solutions for a tiny fee, they’re doing just that). Dallas SEO Dogs’ social media specialists are native English speakers and are immersed in American culture.


What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of communicating and engaging with your target audience over a variety of appropriate social media platforms. Prospects and customers communicate via social platforms; engaging with them and sharing your expertise and knowledge is critical to growing your brand. Whether we’re managing daily social media and responses or just advertising, our focus will always be on create more leads and increasing revenue.

How much does it cost to manage routine social media posts?

Dallas SEO Dogs’ monthly fees are very reasonable based on the amount of work we do. We’ll discuss everything with you and recommend a social media management package that fits your needs and budget.

Can social media really increase my leads?

That’s the goal, yes. ? If we manage your profiles well, with creative posts and promotions instead of simply re-posting other people’s content, your customer engagement and following will grow. You have to engage with prospects and followers and provide information they need. Adding ads and promoted posts to the mix can have a big impact with increased leads and clients.

What social management tools do you use?

We use several tools — some are proprietary and some are 3rd-party tools. They help us optimize your social media campaigns, perform research, provide stats and analysis, and more.

Can social media help by business grow?

Social media can benefit most businesses. Dallas SEO Dogs won’t recommend a service that we don’t believe will return results. If we don’t think social media is the best fit for your budget, we’ll recommend an alternate plan. Social media advertising is beneficial for almost every client with a reasonable budget. A solid social media strategy produces more than just likes and comments — it produces real leads and customers.

What will your strategy be for my business?

We have general strategies for certain types of businesses and budgets, but we customize them for each client. New businesses with no following need to use advertising just to reach their audience. Clients with an existing following need a stream of routine posts and engagement as well as social media advertising to reach the rest of their audience and to create new leads.

How much does social advertising cost?

This question should ultimately be determined by our recommendations and your budget. There is some flexibility, as the more you spend, the more exposure you receive. Typically, we don’t recommend budgets lower than $300 per month for local or $1000 for national campaign. Our fees are a percentage of your ad spend, with a minimum retainer.

Which social platforms will you use?

This will be determined by your target audience, your goals, and your budget. Facebook and Instagram are typically useful for leads because you can target geographical areas, demographics and interests. LinkedIn is usually more expensive but is useful for some businesses. budgets, LinkedIn is also a good option for generating leads. For routine engagement and brand awareness, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all recommended, depending on your audience’s demographics. Dallas SEO Dogs will work with you to select platforms and develop an appropriate strategy.
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How to market your business on social media?

To effectively market your business on social media, we focus on defining clear objectives, understand your target audience, and select the right social media platforms. We create engaging and consistent content, utilize paid advertising for broader reach, and actively engage with your audience. Our team will analyze the social media analytics to refine your strategy, incorporate user-generated content, and stay updated on current trends to remain relevant.

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