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If you don’t appear in Google’s search results, you’re losing customers to competitors. SEO is a great long-term growth strategy for most companies, but it isn’t a quick solution for visibility in Google. Statistics reveal that approximately 63% of users click on Google Ads, highlighting the effectiveness of PPC in capturing user attention and driving website traffic. With pay-per-click advertising, businesses can swiftly reach their target audience, enhance brand visibility, and generate leads, providing a vital supplement to their SEO efforts.

That’s why Dallas PPC agency is the leading company for immediate results. ⁠

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Effective pay per click advertising depends on skill, experience, and a thorough understanding of your business and customers. Your PPC campaigns should be customized to your needs and created with your clients in mind. Our Dallas PPC agency knows your local audience and goes to great effort to ensure that we understand your business. Here are the PPC services that support our clients’ PPC advertising campaigns


Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are constantly evolving. They need constant attention, not “set it and forget it”. Dallas SEO Dogs is a Google Certified Partner that manages client accounts with the utmost care and expertise. We never outsource resources overseas or allow specialists to juggle 100 client accounts. We want long-term partnerships⁠—treat your ad spend as carefully as we do our own.


Whether you’re starting a new PPC campaign or just need help managing and improving an existing one, Dallas SEO Dogs gets started swiftly, yet carefully. We begin the process within a week in most cases. Our tested process has checks and balances to prevent mistakes and wasted funds that are common in the early phases of paid search campaigns.


Anyone can start a pay per click campaign, but proper research and strategy help avoid wasted funds and slow starts. A great PPC agency will go to great efforts to learn about your business, your goals, and your competitors. We also perform exhaustive keyword research. This helps Dallas SEO Dogs find the right keywords for your audience and get the most for your budget.

Lawyer Content Marketing


Once we have the information we need, we compose your ads. It seems simple, but your ads themselves are critical to your success. They must quickly (1) provide accurate information, (2) encourage clicks from your audience, and (3) discourage clicks that are unlikely to result in sales.


Bringing visitors to your site is only part of the sales equation. As your ad spend grows, your landing pages’ ability to convert users becomes more and more important. Dallas SEO Dogs maximizes the odds that visitors do what you want them to — contact you, make a purchase, or supply information. We can do this by selecting or creating landing pages relevant to the ad and by including great content and calls to action on these pages.


PPC agencies with tiny fees set up your campaigns and then “let them run”. We actively work to perfect your campaigns so that ROI increases over time. We use A/B testing, analyze data, and tweak our strategy routinely. Advanced tracking methods help us understand where prospects come from and how they behave on your site so that we can make changes to improve results.


With retargeting (or remarketing), Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other providers display ads targeted to users who recently visited your site without converting. This is a powerful, cost-effective way to help keep you in front of prospects who are interested in your services.


Dallas SEO Dogs is a completely transparent PPC company. We stay in constant communication with you about your campaign performance and recommendations. You’ll have access to your data at all times and with the help of your PPC manager, you’ll always know your current spend and allocation. You will own your account and can pay Google directly. We don’t hide charges or “skim off the top”.


“Thank you for your hard work! I had to pause the campaigns momentarily because we're running low on inventory. We're reaching our capacity.”

Dallas SEO Dogs began working with Chelles Macarons in October 2019. Prior to working with us, the macaron bakery was managing their own Google Ads account with some success but knew there was more opportunity within the search ads space.


“SEO Dogs is the first company we worked with who actually sent us many customers. We are a lawn maintenance service in Plano and Carrollton and North Dallas and I can't hire enough people to do the work they are sending. We love the work you do and recommend these good people to anyone who wants to grow a business.”

Marcos Yepez - Owner, Yepez Lawn Service

“Stats are up, we have had a big uptick in calls and closed leads. This is so good! Thank goodness for our plumbers stepping up with the increase in web traffic. We had a super busy month compared to previous months, and last month was up as well. It will be a very awesome 4th quarter!”

Robin Hebert - Owner, Plumbing Dynamics

“I have been using SEO Dogs for five years and they have helped my business grow significantly.”

Tony Street - Chef & Co-Owner, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

“SEO Dogs has done amazing work for my business and the West End Association! I highly recommend them.”

Chase Headley - Board Member, West End Association/1001 Wine and Spirits
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Social Media Advertising

We’re not limited to search ads! We’re a complete social media advertising agency. If it’s a good fit, let’s explore Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Twitter advertising, and more. These platforms offer incredible demographics targeting opportunities and are a great option for most businesses. We’ll help create and manage social media campaigns that will increase revenue and brand awareness.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy and optimize ad campaigns in real time. It offers super-targeted approaches like geofencing and targeting IPs and existing customer data. Programmatic buying uses machines and algorithms to purchase display space, making it an extremely cost-effective option for many businesses.


With over 15 years of experience in managing PPC advertising, Dallas SEO Dogs has cutting-edge tactics that are a result of continuously monitoring the Google Ads (formerly AdWords) platform, adjusting PPC strategies, and learning from mistakes and successes. We’ve had experience with businesses of virtually every size and industry — restaurants, auto dealerships, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and many, many more. By leveraging our expertise, we assist businesses in acquiring new customers immediately. Our primary objective in every PPC management endeavor is to drive revenue growth while maximizing return on investment (ROI).

  • 97% Client Retention Rate
  • 13+ Years of Paid Search Experience
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Average ROI increase of 23%
  • Conveniently Located in the Dallas West End
  • Dedicated PPC Specialists
  • AdWords and Bing Ads Certified
  • YOU Own Your Account
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Routine Status and Strategy Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use pay-per-click ads?

PPC ads provide a steady source of leads for your business. PPC management is a critical part of most of our client digital marketing strategies. While SEO takes time and can even be impossible for many companies in competitive niches or with low budgets, PPC can bring clicks as soon as you launch a campaign. Pay-per-click ads can give you exposure for terms you don’t rank well for organically, but it can also help you dominate a page if you do rank highly.

How does PPC advertising work?

We can create ads in Google, Bing and Yahoo that appear at the top of search results for terms relevant to your products and services. We help with researching which phrases are relevant and worth paying for. From there, we work with you to identify which ones are most valuable and how much you should pay for them as part of your budget. Once we setup the ads and bid amounts, the campaign can begin and you’ll start receiving new visitors.

What will be your strategy for my PPC campaign?

That’s a very common, yet complex question. Depending on the client, their products and services, competition and (most importantly) their budget, we may recommend various platforms and bid strategies. We may mix in remarketing, geofencing, etc. Whatever we do will be flexible and scalable as you and your budget grows. The bottom line for any campaign is to bring in new customers and provide a real ROI. Keep in mind that PPC also results in repeat purchases and referrals, neither of which come at any additional expense. We’ll factor that into the equation as well. The entire project demands research and testing so that we can improve results and grow your campaign over time.

How fast can you deliver results?

As fast as we can setup your PPC campaign and turn it on. We do need some time to setup your campaign (or audit and edit your existing campaign). Setup involves research, ad composition, setting bid amounts, consultation with the client and more. When we launch the campaign, you’ll start receiving traffic. Google has a period of evaluation where your traffic may be limited for a few weeks. After that, PPC management involves monitoring and improving your campaign and adjusting your pay-per-click project. We’ll also be alert to new technology and opportunities as we seek to get the most from your budget and to maximize ROI.

What is PPC Management?

Paid search management, or PPC management services, is the process of creating, executing and monitoring/managing a company’s pay-per-click ad spend. Our work includes strategy and ad bid management, with the goal of maximizing beneficial traffic within the client’s budget. We can also minimize client costs with expert staff and PPC management applications.

What platforms do you work with?

Dallas SEO Dogs manages Paid search campaigns in Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads, although Yahoo represents a very small portion of our clients’ ad spend. Google dominates the search market by a significant margin, so we always start with Google AdWords for paid search. Outside of Google and Bing, we’ve noticed a much lower conversion rate with other search engines, so we limit most of our clients’ campaigns to these search engines.

Can you manage Google Shopping campaigns?

We can, and we do! Dallas SEO Dogs certified PPC specialists handle Google shopping on an expert level for many of our clients with products.

What is Remarketing? Do you do that, too?

Remarketing (or retargeting) is a way bring back users who have left your site without making a purchase or contacting you. Remarketing is a form of display advertising. When we retarget users who have left your site, we serve them ads on other websites and encourage them to come back. You only “pay per click” — i.e., you pay when users click on your ad. Remarketing ads are typically very cost-effective because of their high conversion rates. Since users have already visited you before, if they visit again from a retargeting ad, it’s highly probable that they will become customers.

What tools and software does Dallas SEO Dogs use?

Dallas SEO Dogs’ paid search specialists use a blend of proprietary and third-party applications to maximize ROI for clients campaigns. We routinely test new applications to make sure that we are ahead of the curve in pay-per-click management.

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is part of SEM (search engine marketing). SEM covers everything involved in improving your exposure in search engines, including both paid ads and organic techniques.

Do you manage display campaigns?

Of course! Most of our clients have some form of display advertising. Remarketing is a super-effective type of display advertising that we use for most of our clients. Our PPC specialists are certified in Google Display Advertising and will handle your account with the highest degree of expertise.

Will you need to build landing pages?

That depends on the condition of your website. If your pages are well-designed with focus on major search terms, we may not need them. If your pages don’t have great calls to action (phone numbers, easy-to-complete forms, obvious/descriptive buttons, etc.), we may create new ones. We may also create landing pages for missing content. Sometimes, testing and conversion rates during your project will dictate that we need a landing page. We have skilled designers and proven layouts to help expedite the process of creating great landing pages.

How much does PPC cost?

That’s up to you (although we will certainly help you make the right choices). With PPC ads, we take a look at your marketing budget, goals, competition and other factors and make suggestions, but the final paid search budget is always up to you. We can also take a budget and get the most for your advertising dollar. If you don’t have a budget, we provide consulting on possible budget ranges and try to set reasonable expectations. That said, we suggest paid search spends of at least $1000 per month. Our PPC management fee is a percentage of your ad spend, with a minimum monthly fee of $500. Contact us today for a free consultation.