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Dallas SEO Dogs is a top social media agency that drives revenue and growth with targeted social media ads across social platforms. Our strategies meet your challenges ⁠— from improving brand awareness to generating leads. Facebook Advertising as well as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram advertising are important parts of the success of almost all of our client relationships.

Whatever your industry, at least one social platform offers a tremendous opportunity to grow your business.

When you partner with our social media agency, our first task is to listen to your challenges and goals. With some of the most experienced social media specialists in the industry, we build a winning strategy for targeting your audiences. Dallas SEO Dogs’ heavy focus on transparency and ROI earns the trust of our clients and generates results.


The major social media advertising platforms differ in content types, audiences, and ways for users to engage. Each platform offers unique social media ad opportunities for businesses. That means you can engage, inform, and convert your audiences to customers.

No matter who your target audiences may be, they use at least one of the platforms below!


With more than 1.5 BILLION daily users, Facebook is by far the world’s largest social media network. Despite tightening access to user data, Facebook advertising still offers a tremendous opportunity to reach highly targeted audiences. As a Facebook advertising agency, we offer a wide array of ad types to help businesses reach consumers and grow brand awareness following.


Great Instagram advertising campaigns are built on creativity and strategy. Dallas SEO Dogs’ Instagram ads are eye-catching content that engage and grow your target audience. Instagram advertising is perfect for funneling interested users to your website for purchases or to download and install your app.


For B2B companies targeting executives and decision-makers, LinkedIn advertising and content sharing may be your best bet. Think about this: more than 90% of business leaders prefer LinkedIn for social media content, but of LinkedIn’s 300 million active monthly users, only 1% of them post content weekly! That’s why we are one of the 97% of B2B marketers who use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel.


YouTube is the world’s overwhelming source for video content, and the 2nd most visited site behind Google. YouTube advertising campaigns don’t just reach a huge, active and engaged user base. They’re also highly targeted and have great success metrics, such as views, view rate, earned actions, and impressions. Dallas SEO Dogs can use your video or create content for you to start earning valuable leads through YouTube advertising.


With more than 300 million active users and 500 million daily posts, Twitter offers a unique branding and communication opportunity. Because most users are active every day, Twitter Advertising lets you engage with Gen X and Millennials regularly and stay top of mind ⁠— at a relatively low cost. Our experienced Twitter advertising staff provides the perfect strategy and analysis for campaigns that build brand awareness, grow your following, and produce real leads.


Pinterest users are 80% female and looking for products and ideas. Pinterest advertising helps you gain visibility on a platform that drives product purchases. We can help generate leads through promoted pins and videos, let users learn about you through promoted carousels, or download your app within Pinterest. We expect this platform to be a high-growth part of our social media marketing solutions this year and beyond.


More than 300 million Gen Z and Millennials use Snapchat every day, and that number is growing! Snapchat advertising is one of the best ways to reach younger audiences. Snapchat ads offer options for improving brand awareness, website traffic, app installs, engagement, views, leads, and conversions… as well as simple goals like swipes, clicks and impressions. Dallas SEO Dogs can create Snap Ads, Collection Ads, and Story Ads, plus AR lenses and filters.

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After less than a year with another marketing agency, our client returned to Dallas SEO Dogs for help with their digital marketing strategy once again starting in October 2019. Prior to working with us, they had seen some success through the various marketing channels but the quality of the results were lacking.


“SEO Dogs has done amazing work for my business and the West End Association! I highly recommend them.”

Chase Headley - Board Member, West End Association/1001 Wine and Spirits

“I am ecstatic with all of the work that you guys have done.”

Brent Boecking - CEO, Pro-Care Medical Center

“Just a quick note to tell you all how much I appreciate your work and efforts, especially during a time when things are changing rapidly. Your team has always been wonderful to work with and I appreciate it more than you know.”

Konnie Dao - Regional Marketing Director, AMSURG

“I have been using SEO Dogs for five years and they have helped my business grow significantly.”

Tony Street - Chef & Co-Owner, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse
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Our Social Media Agency Win Awards, Too

Why We Should Be Your Social Media Agency

When you partner with Dallas SEO Dogs, you work with a team of cutting-edge social media experts. You’ll know where every dollar is spent. We’ll keep you informed on which social media ads and platforms are working best. You’ll get super-transparent reports that show you how leads, customers, and revenue are increasing. Here are some of the most important reasons to choose Dallas SEO Dogs to help you grow your social media ad campaigns… and your company.

  • Our 98% Client Retention Rate

    It’s the most important statistic we can provide.

  • An Average ROI Improvement of 45% Over Previous Campaigns

    Why do we keep our clients happy? It’s because we produce tangible results that help you grow your business. And we prove it constantly with…

  • Transparent Pricing, Tracking and Analytics

    You’ll always know your social media ad spend (exactly how much is being spent on ads), the amount of engagement, leads and conversions you’re getting, and exactly what channels are producing the best results. You retain access to all of your accounts, and we also provide…

  • Excellent Communication and Reporting

    You’ll have regular communications with our expert social media team, including monthly calls with your campaign manager to review progress, strategy, plans and recommendations.

  • Our Experience, Training and Learning

    Dallas SEO Dogs has managed social media ads for more than 15 years because of our ability to adapt. Social media platforms and advertising techniques are ever-changing. Our staff attends seminars, industry meetings, and engages in discussions with our peers so that we can constantly improve our skills and your social ad campaigns.

  • Your Advertising will Never be Outsourced Overseas

    We guarantee that our social media marketing services will never be outsourced overseas. As our industry has grown, many digital marketing agencies now offer social media services for bargain-basement prices. They do that by outsourcing overseas, with very poor results. Dallas SEO Dogs’ in-house social media specialists know your market, are native English speakers, and are immersed in our culture.

  • We’re Located in the Dallas West End

    We’re not a social media advertising company based in Philadelphia or LA with virtual “offices” in Dallas and 50 other cities. We were founded in Dallas, we live here and we understand the DFW market as well as any of our competitors.

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What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is mandatory for online social success as a business. It includes placing targeted ads and promoting posts to users on social platforms. We advertise on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. Social platforms have a great deal of information about users, including their interests and interactions. While routine posts reach only a small fraction of your followers, ads can be a powerful, tool to reach a targeted audience.

Can social media ads increase my leads?

Yes! Great social media campaigns reach the right audience at the right time — with a relatively small cost. They have the added benefit of increasing brand recognition and product awareness. Social media ads can begin attracting customers as soon as you launch them.

Do you manage routine social media posts?

Yes, we can manage routine social. The goal of our social media management projects is to present a professional image of your company across relevant social platforms. Dallas SEO Dogs’ monthly fees are very reasonable considering the work involved and quality of posts. We can make a recommendation on budget, or if you have a small budget, we can propose a plan to give you a great social presence within that budget.

What social management tools do you use?

We use several tools — some are proprietary and some are 3rd-party tools. They help us optimize your social media campaigns, perform research, provide stats and analysis, and more.

What will your strategy be for my business?

We have general strategies for certain types of businesses and budgets, but we customize them for each client. New businesses with no following need to use advertising just to reach their audience. Clients with an existing following need a stream of routine posts and engagement as well as social media advertising to reach the rest of their audience and to create new leads.

How much does social advertising cost?

You social media ad spend should be based on our recommendations and your budget. The more you spend, the more visibility your ad will receive (to a certain extent). For clients with small budgets, we recommend an ad spend of at least $250 per month. Larger organizations with national focus and higher budgets can spend much more with a great ROI. In either case, our fees are a percentage of your ad spend, with a minimum retainer.

Which social platforms will you use?

The channels we choose will depend on 4 critical factors:

  • Where your target customers are most concentrated (usage, groups, etc.)
  • Where your target customers are most accessible (preferred media, ad targeting, etc.)
  • Where your target customers most actively engage with ads (testing required)
  • Your budget

Each platform has different demographics. Most have some form of interest targeting as well. LinkedIn is a more professional platform but can be very effective in targeting people in specific industries job positions. For routine engagement and brand awareness, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are effective. Dallas SEO Dogs will work with you to select platforms and develop an appropriate strategy for your social media advertising campaigns.