Most websites convert less than 3% of first-time visitors. Retargeting ads help you re-engage with the other 97% who don’t convert, reminding them of your brand and encouraging them to return.

Dallas SEO Dogs’ advanced remarketing services are low-cost and one very high ROI.


We provide options for Google retargeting, Instagram and Facebook retargeting ads, LinkedIn retargeting, and remarketing ads on programmatic platforms. Our recommendation depends on where your audience is and the goals or your remarketing campaign. For some clients, we use all four platforms.


Formerly Google AdWords Remarketing, Google Ads allows you to display ads to people who have visited your site recently. Your ads will appear on other websites and apps in the Google Display Network. Dynamic retargeting You can serve ads for


By adding a Facebook ad pixel to your website, you can serve retargeting ads to users on Facebook and Instagram. The pixel tracks users on both platforms and delivers ads to them when they check their social media channels. Facebook and Instagram retargeting are great for reminding visitors of your products and services, Introducing other brands or products, or announcing events and sales.


LinkedIn is perfect for B2B companies that are targeting other professionals. In addition to people who have visited your website, LinkedIn allows you to target email contacts, employees of target businesses, and much more.


Keyword search terms can be used outside of Google’s network as part of programmatic ad campaigns. Programmatic ad platforms use behavioral targeting data like keyword searches to display ads across the web on other display networks. Since they aren’t based on quality score, you can target competitor terms with these ads, too!

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“Thank you for your hard work! I had to pause the campaigns momentarily because we're running low on inventory. We're reaching our capacity.”

Dallas SEO Dogs began working with Chelles Macarons in October 2019. Prior to working with us, the macaron bakery was managing their own Google Ads account with some success but knew there was more opportunity within the search ads space.


“Just a quick note to tell you all how much I appreciate your work and efforts, especially during a time when things are changing rapidly. Your team has always been wonderful to work with and I appreciate it more than you know.”

Konnie Dao - Regional Marketing Director, AMSURG

“Stats are up, we have had a big uptick in calls and closed leads. This is so good! Thank goodness for our plumbers stepping up with the increase in web traffic. We had a super busy month compared to previous months, and last month was up as well. It will be a very awesome 4th quarter!”

Robin Hebert - Owner, Plumbing Dynamics

“SEO Dogs is the first company we worked with who actually sent us many customers. We are a lawn maintenance service in Plano and Carrollton and North Dallas and I can't hire enough people to do the work they are sending. We love the work you do and recommend these good people to anyone who wants to grow a business.”

Marcos Yepez - Owner, Yepez Lawn Service

“I have been using SEO Dogs for five years and they have helped my business grow significantly.”

Tony Street - Chef & Co-Owner, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse
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Your needs are unique, whether you’re B2B or B2C, large or small, local or national. We’ll tailor a successful strategy for your goals, whether they are increased sales, site memberships, or increased brand awareness.

  • Easy to Create

    Each platform provides options for producing different types of ads quickly. Serving dynamic remarketing ads for a variety of products or services is much easier than it looks.

  • Cost-Effective

    If a user decides to visit your site a second time, they are far more likely to make a purchase or to contact you…. and with tools like automated or real-time bidding, finding the best price for your ad is a breeze.

  • Great Timing

    People who see your ads will have previously engaged with your brand on some level, recently. We retarget only the latest visitors, not stale visitors who are probably no longer interested. On top of that, you can further maximize the odds of conversions with geographical and demographics targeting, depending on platform.

  • Focused Ads:

    Dallas SEO Dogs can track users based on views and activity. Your remarketing lists can focus on specific audience cases, such as people who abandoned their shopping cart with unpurchased items.

  • Reach a Large Audience

    Dallas SEO Dogs has several platforms available and access to an almost infinite number of sites and mobile apps. That means you can reach your audience wherever they may be, whenever you want to reach them, and on whatever device they’re using.

  • Powerful Tracking and Analytics

    We track and analyze retargeting ad clicks, conversions, CTR, CPC, CPA, sale value, order ID, and much more — all updated with high frequency.

2020 Awards for Best PPC / Remarketing Ads Agency

Users who have searched Google for products and services you offer provide can also be served your ads — tailored to the keywords they used. So, even if a potential customer doesn’t click on your listing in search results, you can retarget them based on their search history in Google and other sites.


What’s the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

No difference — the terms are interchangeable.

Where will my ads appear?

Dallas SEO Dogs has access to a huge display inventory. Your ads can appear on a multitude of major ad networks. We make sure that the sites we deliver ads to are quality sites and can blacklist those that are inappropriate for your audience or brand.

Is there a minimum engagement?

We offer an industry-low 3-month minimum commitment. We require a commitment because we dedicate and schedule resources to your campaigns.

Can I target specific geographical areas?

Absolutely! Your campaigns can target users by country, region, state, demographic market area (DMA), and/or ZIP code. Your account manager will work with you to designate geographical areas for your remarketing campaigns.

Who can’t be served ads with retargeting?

Visitors who have disabled cookies can’t be retargeted. Users who erase their cookies cannot be retargeted until they revisit your site.

How long do campaigns run?

Hopefully, indefinitely! If your campaigns are producing revenue, there’s no reason to cancel them. We will provide and work with you to help you understand your campaign’s results. Rest assured that if any ad campaign is not working, Dallas SEO Dogs will recommend changes to the campaign or budget so that you may re-allocate resources.

How does Facebook retargeting work?

With Facebook remarketing, we deliver ads on Facebook to users who have visited your website. Similar to Google remarketing, we add a site tracking tag to your site’s code. This tag places a “cookie” in the visitor’s browser that anonymously tracks their visit to your site. Dallas SEO Dogs then creates Facebook ad campaigns that deliver your ads to the right of the user’s news feed.

How do you decide which retargeting channel I should use?

Facebook right-hand side ads have a high reach with low cost and engagement. The opposite is true for ads that appear in the user’s news feed.

The cost and reach of website ads vary. We’ll recommend a starting point for these ads based on our analysis and experience, which can be adjusted going forward with results.

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