Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Posted - May 17, 2024

Social media has clearly and quickly evolved, from a trend to a business necessity. If your brand isn’t actively engaging on social platforms, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Let’s explore what social media marketing is, its benefits, proven best practices and ways to maximize your results — not to mention how experts like Dallas SEO Dogs can transform your online presence even more.

What is Social Media Marketing? What Are Best Practices for Social Media?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the strategic use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and rising stars like TikTok to achieve your business goals. Unlike traditional advertising, SMM focuses on fostering authentic interactions, building a community around your brand, and providing value to your audience.

Beyond simply broadcasting promotional messages, SMM involves:

  • Creating engaging content: Images, videos, stories, polls, contests, and insightful posts that resonate with your target audience.

  • Community management: Responding to comments, questions, and direct messages to build relationships, and address potential issues proactively.

  • Running paid ads: Targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors to expand your reach and drive conversions.

  • Tracking analytics: Using data to understand what’s working and refining your strategy for maximum impact.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

With billions of active users across different platforms, SMM provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a vast audience, regardless of geographic location. It’s also cost-effective: While paid advertising plays a role, you can achieve significant organic reach by creating compelling content. This makes social marketing strategies accessible to businesses of all sizes, even with limited budgets.

Consistent social media presence also keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. Sharing valuable content and engaging with users fosters brand recognition, trust, and loyalty. Social media platforms offer treasure troves of data about your followers’ demographics, preferences, and behaviors. These insights allow you to fine-tune your messaging, products, and services to better match customer needs. 

And finally, a strong and active social presence sends positive signals to search engines like Google, potentially boosting your website’s visibility in search results.

Social Media Best Practices Every Professional Should Know

Let’s move beyond the basics and discuss the tactics that truly elevate your social media game. First, strategize on your choice of social media platforms. While the urge to be present on every platform might be strong, remember that quality content tailored to the right audience is always more effective than a scattered approach. 

Know Your Platforms

Research the demographics and typical use cases for each platform — Facebook for broad reach, Instagram for visuals, Twitter for rapid conversation, LinkedIn for professional networking, and TikTok for short-form, trend-focused video.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the cornerstone of any winning social media plan. Delve into the mindset of your target customer: What challenges do they face that you can solve? What are their passions and interests outside of your specific product or service? When are they most active online, and what types of content do they usually engage with (images, videos, polls, etc.)? This understanding provides the blueprint for your content strategy and the tone of voice you’ll use.

Organic and Paid Traffic Work Together

Don’t underestimate the power of both organic reach and paid advertising. Organic reach, the audience you acquire without paying, is the foundation built on quality, shareable content. However, for that extra boost, paid ads are invaluable, providing surgical targeting to pinpoint new customers and drive specific actions like website visits or sales.

Scheduling and Analytics

A few carefully chosen tools can streamline your social media efforts. Scheduling platforms like Hootsuite or Sprout Social ensure consistency in posting, while intuitive design tools like Canva make visual creation a breeze. Don’t forget about analytics — built-in tools on each platform, along with more sophisticated solutions like Sprout Social, help you analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Content Calendar 

Finally, a social media content calendar is your best friend. It ensures focused, regular posting aligned with your business goals. This calendar is also a great way to facilitate collaboration if you’re part of a team.

How to Market Your Business on Social Media

Mastering the best practices lays a great foundation, but here are the hands-on tactics that will drive tangible results for your business:

Be Engaging

Social media should feel like a multi-way conversation, not a one-sided broadcast. Instead of simply announcing your products or services, ask your followers thoughtful questions, invite them to participate in polls or contests, and respond promptly to comments and messages. This builds connections and makes your brand relatable.

Leverage Visuals

In a sea of text, eye-catching visuals stand out. Supplement your posts with photos, videos (short-form and long-form depending on the platform), infographics, and even humorous memes or GIFs if it fits your brand voice. Not only does this draw attention, but easily digestible visual content is more likely to be shared.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to building a loyal audience. While quality always matters more than quantity, having a regular posting schedule ensures your audience comes to expect and anticipate your content. This creates a sense of reliability and strengthens your brand image over time.

Track Your Results

Don’t just post and hope for the best! Most social media platforms offer built-in analytics that reveal valuable insights about your audience, post performance, and overall campaign success. Pay attention to what types of content generate the most likes, shares, comments, and conversions (sales, website visits, etc.).  Use this knowledge to refine your strategy – double down on successful formats and learn from posts that might have fallen flat.

Stunning Social Media Marketing Content | Dallas SEO Dogs

Remember, social media isn’t a magic wand, but with the right strategy and execution, you can reap immense rewards. If you want to take your SMM to the next level, a specialized agency can be a game-changer. 

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