When Will TikTok Be Banned In The US?

Posted - June 14, 2024

TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon, transforming the way we consume and create content. Its short-form video format, combined with an incredibly effective algorithm, has captivated millions of users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the United States. 

By now you’ve surely witnessed firsthand the marketing potential TikTok holds. Its ability to quickly reach a vast audience and create viral trends is unparalleled. However, recent events have raised concerns about the future of TikTok in the U.S.

Is TikTok Getting Banned In The U.S.?

While TikTok hasn’t been banned outright in the U.S. yet, there’s a strong possibility that it could be in the near future due to ongoing concerns about data privacy and security. These concerns primarily stem from TikTok’s ownership by ByteDance, a Chinese company, and the potential for the Chinese government to access user data.

Several government agencies, including the U.S. military and numerous federal agencies, have already banned TikTok from government devices due to these security concerns. In December 2022, Congress passed Josh Hawley’s “No TikTok on Government Devices Act,” further solidifying this restriction.

Furthermore, in April 2024, President Biden signed legislation that could effectively ban TikTok in the U.S. unless ByteDance sells its stake in the app. This legislation, known as the “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act,” aims to address national security concerns by requiring the divestment of foreign-owned apps that pose a risk to U.S. data.

While the potential for a nationwide ban remains uncertain, these legislative actions and ongoing discussions highlight the growing scrutiny and pressure on TikTok to address data privacy and security concerns. It’s crucial for businesses and marketers to stay informed about the evolving situation and consider alternative platforms for their social media marketing strategies.

When Is TikTok Going Away?

As of June 12, 2024, a nationwide TikTok ban has not been enacted, but President Biden signed legislation in December 2023 that could trigger a ban as early as January 15, 2025. This legislation requires TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to sell its stake in the app or face a ban. However, the Chinese government, which has a stake in ByteDance, opposes a forced sale. This creates a complex situation with an uncertain outcome. It’s essential to stay informed about the latest developments and consider alternative social media platforms for your social media marketing efforts.

Alternative Social Media Platforms

While the potential TikTok ban might seem daunting, it also presents an opportunity to explore other platforms and expand your social media marketing reach. Here are a few alternatives worth considering:

Instagram Reels

Instagram’s answer to TikTok, Reels allows you to create and share short-form videos with a wide range of editing tools and effects. It’s a great option for businesses that already have an established presence on Instagram.


This platform is known for its music-focused videos and celebrity collaborations. If your brand aligns with music or pop culture, Triller could be a valuable tool for your social media marketing strategy.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has recently introduced Shorts, its own version of short-form videos. Leveraging the massive user base of YouTube, Shorts offers another potential avenue for reaching your target audience.


Huddles is a social audio platform that allows you to create and join live audio conversations. It’s a unique way to engage with your audience and build a community around your brand.


This platform, which is also owned by ByteDance, focuses on lifestyle content such as fashion, beauty, and food. If your business caters to these interests, Lemon8 could be a suitable alternative to TikTok.


Lomotif emphasizes music and social connections, making it a good fit for brands targeting younger audiences.


SnapChat’s short video format and disappearing content offer a different approach to social media marketing. Its emphasis on authenticity and real-time interactions can help you connect with your audience on a personal level.


This platform is designed for children and focuses on educational content. If your target audience includes families or children, Zigazoo could be worth exploring.


Similar to TikTok, Zoomerang offers short-form video creation tools and trending challenges. It’s another potential platform for reaching younger demographics.

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