We help apartments and apartment management companies overcome digital marketing challenges.

Dallas SEO Dogs’ proven strategy for multifamily marketing increases traffic and leases for your communities.

Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting

We often hear nightmare stories from clients about SEO companies “not doing anything.” We actually want you to know what’s going on with your project so that you can help provide information and be confident about our work!

  • Monthly Report

    Each month, your project manager will produce a report and discuss it with you. The report details analytics, completed work, and upcoming plans. The project manager may also make suggestions on strategy and program adjustments as needed.

  • Call Tracking

    With call tracking and A/B testing, we’ll know where visitors came from, what search terms they used, and what’s converting visitors to customers. This is an essential tool for conversion optimization.

  • Google Analytics

    We use Google Analytics to track SEO for every client. Google Analytics provides a wealth of information that lets us identify strengths and weaknesses in our strategy so that we may adjust accordingly.

  • Website Traffic Reports

    We can provide an on-demand, customized dashboard depending on your needs. Your monthly project manager conversation will ensure that we’re on the same page.

  • Keyword Ranking Reports

    Dallas SEO Dogs focuses on traffic and conversions more than rankings, but rankings are helpful in noticing trends and areas of weakness. We include them in our reports.

Website Renovation or Enhancement


Your website MUST be mobile friendly or your Google rankings will suffer. That’s because most of your visitors are from mobile devices. They’ll leave if your site is not mobile friendly.


Your site also must be user-friendly. If users can’t find information, photos and pricing quickly, they’ll move on to another site that does.

Google Friendly

If Google doesn’t like your site, no one will find it in search. Page load time, clean code and proper optimization is critical.

Professional Photography

As part of our program, Dallas SEO Dogs will find and fix site errors that are damaging your site. In the early stages of your project, we’ll identify critical and easy-to-fix problems that can solve months of traffic issues. Many of these will be site-wide issues that effect more than just single pages. As your project progresses, we’ll address other concerns on a priority basis.


Along with your photos, shoot video footage and interview your staff and tenants to create a video for the website and online ads. This gives prospects a more personal feel for your community.

Book a Tour Online (and on Mobile Devices!)

Online booking is a growing preference for apartment searchers and more than half prefer to do it after-hours. Save time and resources while letting prospects schedule at their convenience.

Online Rent Payments

Prospects are eliminating properties that don’t let them pay at their convenience and with their mobile devices.

Dallas SEO Dogs - Best Apartment Websites

Review Management >

Reviews are critical for apartments! We increase positive reviews for apartments and display them on your site with links to the actual tenant review. This results in:

  • Better map rankings;
  • More visitors;
  • More confidence and trust; and
  • More leads and tenants.

We also monitor and handle responses for you!

Local SEO >

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is important for Google, too! Dallas SEO Dogs’ local SEO specialists are experienced with techniques to increase your site’s visibility in local searches, send visitors to your website and book tours.

  • We adjust your site to be more relevant to your target city or neighborhood;
  • We improve “map pack” rankings
  • We optimize your Google My Business and other local directory listings; and
  • We increase positive reviews from real customers.

Social Media Management and Marketing >

Dallas SEO Dogs can help you build brand awareness and a following in your local area. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are super-effective for targeting both demographics and geographical areas.

We develop programs for apartments and handle routine social media, social ad campaigns or both.

Search and Display Ads >

Pay Per Click Ads can drive traffic from searches for apartments in your area.

  • You can run search ads in Google, Yahoo and Bing, on your budget.
  • With site retargeting, you can lure visitors back to your site by displaying your ads to them on other sites.

Dallas SEO Dogs can also serve ads on hundreds of thousands of mobile apps with geofencing and other types of retargeting.