Great SEO Demands Great Content Writing

Your site’s success depends on great content. Users love informative, fresh, captivating content. When users find what they’re looking for, spend more time on your site, visit more pages, share your information, fill out forms and call you, that’s great for your business. For Google, these are signals of a great site that should rank highly for relevant searches.    

Dallas SEO Dogs content team has developed a methodology for optimized content production. From the initial strategy and research phase to content composition and optimization, our end goal is always the same — to produce engaging content that converts visitors to customers and sends the appropriate signals to Google.


We frequently hear clients say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the budget” for content writing. In reality, they can’t afford not to write content. The problem is that creating content that persuades prospects AND ranks well with Google isn’t always easy.

That’s where Dallas SEO Dogs content team can help. ALL of our SEO projects involve content writing — either by our team or by the client with content strategy consulting.  


It’s a difficult concept for companies that have traditionally written lots of content for search engines. When you write content for humans, you have to appeal to your target audience by providing information that’s interesting and informative.

 The most important steps in our content writing process are:

  1. Identifying what potential customers are searching for
  2. Finding gaps in site content that don’t satisfy those searches
  3. For each topic, listing  relevant keywords that the page should include
  4. Figuring out the intent of the user’s query
  5. Creating a visual of the page that solves the user’s problem
  6. Writing the content
  7. Adding keywords and related terms commonly associated with the user’s search
  8. Adding calls to action


Our SEO specialists make sure that many important page elements are in place with each new post or page we create. We pay special attention to:

  • Fast Page Speed. Users tend to leave pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Accordingly, site speed is high on Google’s ranking factors. Pages should load in less than 2 seconds.
  • Great User Experience (UX). UX is a major driving factor in users taking the time to read your content, make a purchase, contact you or share your page.  As they do, your rankings improve. .
  • Keywords in:
    • Title Tag, URLs and Headings (these are very important)
    • Image ALT Tags (people search Google Images!)
    • Meta Description (when users see their keywords in your meta description, they are more likely to click through to your site).
  • Great Calls to Action. Prominent phone numbers and buttons with intuitive text, larger fonts for important text, images that make sense and help the reader understand, easily accessible short forms — these “little things” make a big difference in converting as many of your visitors to customers as possible.

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Your content MUST be unique. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Copying content to other pages or from other sites can have a significant negative impact or even an penalty. Don’t do it! Take the time to write good content.

We recommend that you post at least 2-3 times per month. The blog needs to be updated regularly. On the other hand, don’t just post boring information that no one will want to read. Content that has a high bounce rate can actually hurt rankings.

If you can write a full page (~500 words) of content, that’s an ideal size. You can do this as part of a blog post or an FAQ answer.

There’s no set answer to this question. Generally, try to keep keyword density to below 2-3%, but if the content is conversational and sounds natural, you’re going to be fine. Write the content for humans and let us think about Google last. If we’re writing your content, we’ll take care of all of this.

We have content writers in house. They’re knowledgeable about best SEO practices and also work with our SEO specialists and managers on content strategy. We use content to answer questions and fill gaps in site content where there is a high search volume. We consult with many of our clients each month on content ideas, distribution and content flow.

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