How To Get Google Reviews

Posted - April 9, 2024

In the digital age, online reviews wield immense power over purchasing decisions. Google reviews, in particular, can significantly impact a business’s visibility and customer trust. As a business owner, optimizing your online presence by actively seeking and managing these essential customer testimonials is vital.

Why Are Google Reviews Important?

Potential customers often base their initial judgments of your business on those reviews. Positive reviews can entice them to choose you over competitors. Reviews written by previous customers also provide social proof, lending credibility and authenticity to your brand. 

Google’s algorithms favor businesses with a robust review profile, which helps with search engine optimization (SEO) for your content. That means that more reviews can boost your search engine rankings, organically attracting new customers. 

Customer reviews are also an essential pillar of reputation management. They provide insight into customer experiences and help refine offerings.

How To Get More Google Reviews

Positive Google reviews strengthen your business’s reputation, giving potential customers confidence when making choices. Let’s explore proactive strategies to increase your Google review count:

Ask Customers Directly

The simplest way to get reviews is often the most effective — directly asking your satisfied customers.

Timing Matters

Don’t hesitate to ask for a review immediately after a positive customer interaction. This could be after a sale, a completed service, or a resolved support issue.


If possible, make your request personal, mentioning the customer’s name and what you enjoyed about working with them. This adds sincerity.

Multiple Channels

You can ask for reviews in several ways:

  • Verbally, in person
  • Follow-up email
  • Via text message with a review link
  • On your printed receipts or invoices

Share Your Google Business Review Link

Obtain your direct Google review link from your Google Business Profile. Here’s how:

  1. Find your business on Google.
  2. Locate the “Write a Review” button in your Business Profile.
  3. Copy the generated link.

You can now share this link via:

  • Email: Include it in your email signature or send follow-up emails after a sale.
  • Receipts or Invoices: Incorporate the link into your payment documentation.
  • Website: Strategically place it on your website or create a dedicated review page. 
  • Social Media: Promote and include your review link on social platforms and posts.

Offer Incentives (Carefully!)

It’s crucial to know that Google’s guidelines discourage offering direct incentives (like gifts or substantial discounts) in exchange for reviews. Incentivized reviews are perceived as biased, undermining the authenticity of your review profile. Here’s how to approach this strategy carefully:

Small Perks, Not Bribes

If you decide to offer incentives, keep them minor. Consider offering a small discount for future purchases or access to exclusive content to say “thank you” to customers who have left reviews.

Focus on Gratitude

Frame the incentive as a gesture of appreciation rather than a direct payment for the review. Customers who have already had a positive experience are likelier to leave a review out of goodwill.

Transparency Is Key

Be clear in your communications on how customers can leave a review and how to claim their appreciation gift. Avoid language that directly links leaving a review with receiving a reward.

Don’t Pressure Your Customers!

Never pressure customers into leaving a review in exchange for an incentive. Allow customers to decide if they want to leave a review, creating a sense of authenticity.

Online Reputation Tools

Leverage Automated Tools

Online reputation management tools and services can significantly simplify the review generation process. Here’s a deeper look into how this works:

Automated Review Requests

Reputation management tools often have features for sending streamlined review requests to customers via email or SMS after they’ve interacted with your business. These tools can even allow customers to leave a review directly from the text or email, making it incredibly convenient.

Customizable Templates

Reputable services allow you to create personalized review request templates to match your brand’s voice and style.

Review Monitoring

Effective online reputation management tools offer a dashboard where you can monitor reviews from multiple platforms, including Google, making it easier to respond promptly.

When to Seek Outside Help

Consider using a local online reputation management agency if you:

  • Lack the capacity or expertise to manage reviews in-house.
  • Have a large volume of potential customer interactions.
  • Need advanced features like sentiment analysis of reviews.
  • Need assistance responding to negative reviews in a way that effectively addresses issues and preserves your reputation.

Note: Select a service that adheres to Google’s guidelines when exploring reputation management tools. Avoid platforms that promise to generate fake reviews or incentivize customers in ways that violate Google’s policies.

Why and How To Reply To Google Reviews

Responding to positive or negative reviews demonstrates that you value customer feedback and enjoy engagement with your online community.

Positive Reviews

Express gratitude, reinforce the positive aspects of their experience, and invite them back. 

Negative Reviews

Acknowledge concerns, apologize sincerely, and offer solutions. Take the conversation offline by providing a contact method to resolve the issue.

Responding to reviews, even negative reviews, strengthens customer loyalty, signals to Google you’re an active and responsive business, and showcases excellent customer service even when issues arise.

Can You Remove Google Reviews?

Google only removes reviews if they violate Google’s review policies, which prohibit fake reviews, spam, off-topic content, and illegal or discriminatory material. If you see a review that falls into these categories, you can flag it for removal.

Enhance Your Online Reputation With Dallas SEO Dogs

Google reviews are a powerful asset for businesses of any size or age. By implementing the above strategies and prioritizing review management, you can enhance your online visibility, attract new customers, and cultivate a reputation that precedes you. 

Proactive management of your reviews is key to building a positive online reputation. At Dallas SEO Dogs, we understand the intricacies of reputation management and have the expertise to help you build a robust review profile and cultivate a stellar online presence. Contact us today to discover how our online reputation management agency can transform your online reputation!