10 Content Creation and SEO Tips in 2020

Posted - July 3, 2018

The saying, ‘content is king,’ is one that gets thrown around so often that it becomes a monotonous mantra. Why do so many trusted sources value content? Because it matters! We value great content because Google values great content.

Dallas SEO Dogs believes that the success of your business’s SEO strategy relies heavily on the quality of your content. Here are 10 steps to getting ahead of the competition in content in 2020.

1. Post Regularly

This is a tip that many businesses fail to follow and results in lost opportunities. Knowing how often to post is key to helping your business succeed in its content creation. A successful business will post at least once a week to remain relevant. From there the numbers continually rise. We are confident in saying that posting and updating content often is one of the main factors of online success.

2. Keep Your Readers Intrigued

While posting often is very important, so is keeping your audience interested. Try to think outside of the box with your posts. No one wants to read a bland explanation about what your business does. Create content that will engage your audience.

What is Engaging Content:

Engaging content is content that does the following:

  • Answers questions,
  • Makes the audience ask more questions,
  • Leaves an audience wanting more information, and
  • Drives audiences to your business.

3. When to use Your Keywords

When you are trying to get to the front page of Google, keywords are your best friend. Do industry research. Find out what keywords are currently trending and how successful they are for competitors and other related businesses.

Content specialist teams like ours at Dallas SEO Dogs have access to exclusive programs that will be able to give you insight as to which keywords are currently the most successful.

4. Pay Attention to Your Meta Descriptions

Too often we hear about people posting blogs directly to their site without adding a great meta description. This is that little blurb that you see directly under a page’s title on a Google search. Think of it this way, would you rather click on a page knowing what you were clicking on, or click on a page that just has the first few sentences of a site? The answer should be clear. Focus on writing a meta description that gives your readers a good idea of what they are getting into when they click on your link.

5. Stay Focused

This tip Is very straightforward. When you find a topic that you love, go with it and stay focused. Come up with 2-3 main talking points that can all lead back to the main topic at hand. This will not only keep your readers engaged but will serve as a constant loop back to the reason why you posted the blog in the first place; which is to promote your brand and services.

6. Write for People and for Google

When you are writing a post, keep in mind that you are writing for the average internet browser and Google. A writing style that is succinct and to-the-point will serve to please both of these gateways to content success.

By working with an SEO team, you will have people on your side that understand the fine line that needs to be walked when manipulating algorithms and creating content that the everyday reader enjoys.

7. Remember to Maintain the Right Voice

Your content voice is what draws in and keeps readers. By finding a voice and sticking to it, you will develop a reputation among readers, and they will know what to expect from future content. If your voice is all over the place, this can lead to confusion, which means your audience has essentially clocked out.

8. Don’t Forget Headers

Headers are the building blocks to great content and SEO. Not everyone has the time to read an entire post. Headers separate your ideas into easily managed chunks of information that lead an audience to the parts of your content that they want to read.

Aside from that, headers are one of the key aspects of content that Google looks for when it scans websites. Failing to produce effective headers means that you will have to work much harder to effectively keep an audience and please Google.

9. Always Be on the Hunt for the Next Great Idea

Content is something that is meant to keep your business’ site evolving with the changes in your industry. That is why it is so important to always be looking out for what is happening in and around your business.

Content needs to be both relevant and creative. Our approach is to focus on a current trend in an industry and approach it from an angle that is unique to our client’s customers.

10. Optimize Your Post for Maximum SEO Relevance

Before you click ‘Publish’ on your content, make sure that it is optimized for SEO. This means you need to pay attention to:

  • Final keyword selections,
  • Internal and external links,
  • Your Call to Action (CTA).

When optimizing content, knowing what to look for is the biggest part of the job. That is why so many businesses turn to SEO specialists to optimize and create content for their websites.

Dallas SEO Dogs Produces Result-Oriented Content for Local Businesses

We understand that while content is important, it may be difficult for you to juggle running a successful business and creating thought pieces that drive customer interaction. By working with Dallas SEO Dogs, you are opening your business up to working with a strategic team that will be able to produce content for you on a regular basis.

Through proven SEO strategies and unmatched skill, our content creation team will be able to help your business conquer Google In 2020. Call us today at 214-760-8914(link to call) to find out more about our content writing services and other SEO options available to local businesses.