A Guide To Using Top Funnel Marketing in a New Market

Posted - April 8, 2020
Marketing funnel

Let’s face it, after the Coronavirus pandemic spread, our markets as a whole have changed. Here in Dallas, we’ve seen businesses operating on a limited basis. However, even in these times, reaching any audience is still essential for survival in the new normal. Your usual audience may not be going out to pick up your products, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach a new audience who may not have known you existed before the emergence of COVID-19. Taking a top-funnel marketing approach with your current content and social media ads can help you extend your reach, even during a time when most of us are quarantined at home. Here is everything you need to know about top-funnel content and how it can be useful for the long-term effects of your business.

What is the Top of the Funnel?

The content marketing funnel is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing in general! Its goal is to attract audiences at an expanded level and then through middle and final stages, bring in the ultimate conversion that leads to the purchase of a service or product. The top of the funnel is focused on generating general “awareness” for a brand or service. This is a stage where the audience’s value as a lead isn’t very high. They are merely looking for answers, seeking education on a topic, or stumbled upon your page during a rabbit-hole dive into the web. The people resting at the top of the funnel are the largest part of your marketing pool, which you want to eventually dwindle down into the essential conversions. Although not everyone in the top funnel is going to become a customer, this level of the marketing funnel is key for grabbing attention and shedding light on a need that someone may not have known they had. At this stage your goal isn’t to nab an instant conversion, but to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Garner leads

Why You Should Focus on High-Level Content

Top funnel content is more important now than ever before for your business. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely that most of your customer base is unable to physically reach your doors. However, with the power of high-level content, you can still create awareness for your products and perhaps bring in some new clients while you’re at it. Right now, the majority of our nation is sheltered in place and most people are spending their time gaining their education and entertainment from the internet. Therefore, if your brand has something to offer the current market (maybe you started deliveries or are doing something great for the community) now is the time to build up that awareness through top-funnel content.

What Constitutes as Top of the Funnel Content?

Content that is created for the top of the marketing funnel must be easily consumable and can include:

  • Topical Blog Posts
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Short, Informative Videos

Tips for Creating Top-Funnel Content

Top of the funnel content is something that needs to be engaging, relevant to consumers, and above all easy to digest in a short amount of time. Therefore, your top-funnel content must be on-the-nose with the point it’s trying to get across. When creating content during this time, keep these quick pointers in mind.

Keywords research & analysis

Research Your Keywords

Keywords are an essential piece of SEO because they can be used as a “breadcrumb trail” to where your audience’s interests lie. Right now interests have shifted, and it’s important to use keyword research to get your pulse on what people are searching for. One free way to do this while creating top-level content is through the Google Trends tool.

Look at Where You Can Help in the Current Landscape

If you know that people have a need within your community that you can meet, create content that shows your efforts. A relevant blog piece, video, or social media post that gets your brand out there is the easiest way to create awareness during the pandemic.


Focus on Emphasizing E.A.T.

When creating your content, try to do so with EAT in mind:

  • Expertise
  • Awareness
  • Trustworthiness

Content that answers queries on a specific topic is content that can easily build trust with a newer audience. Remember, you’re the expert in your industry. Spread your knowledge and build up trust through your posts that could lead to an eventual conversion once social mandates lift.

Practice Boosting Your Rankings With Social Distance!

Social distancing right now is important for us to all get life back to normal. However, why not make a few new friends along the way through top-funnel marketing? We are all in this together and will help rebuild our industries through a joint effort and safe practices. The team at Dallas SEO Dogs wishes everyone well and will be here for you if you need us.