Can AI Help Your Content Process?

Posted - December 29, 2022
Can AI Help Your Content Process?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing have always gone arm in arm. Over the years, the need for content that speaks directly to readers over machines has become an industry priority.

While the traditional way of content creation has always been an eager writer behind a keyboard, modern technological advancements have led to new tools like ChatGPT and other language model tools that claim to make content creation a breeze.

While we are a team that keeps our content as traditional as possible, we still think it’s important to examine the possibilities of new industry tech and the pros and cons that can come with it.

Join us to examine if and how language models can push your content process forward.

You Probably Already Use AI in Your Content!

You’ve probably read an article about Google rep John Mueller stating that AI-generated content goes against webmaster standards. As writers, we understand how plugging in a request and getting “SEO-ready” answers can seem like a cheat code, so you’ve got us there, Google.

According to Mueller, auto-generated content is spam. However, the rep was vague about Google’s ability to detect AI-generated content at this point.

This is fortunate for all of us because if you use programs like Grammarly that autocorrect and improve content style in its Premium form, you are already utilizing AI within your content creation.

As you can see, AI creates a very gray area in our industry. The validity of using it to help your content process truly lies in how you use it, as we’ll outline below!

What About Chat GPT and Other Newer Content Generators?

ChatGPT, Jasper. AI, Ryter, and Copysmith are examples of some of the latest iterations of AI becoming a standard content-generating tool. 

Let’s dig into some positive ways you could use AI to improve your content process.

It’s Hard to Overlook Time Savings

The average long-form article can take seasoned writers 2 to 3 hours to research and create. However, when a person and a machine create content, the combination can halve the creative process time. 

If you’re a business owner that doesn’t have a lot of time to hammer out new blogs, using AI-driven content could be a way to help you save time. However, make sure the time you use is spent making the content unique and relevant.

They Can Help With Idea Creation

Writer’s block is something that can really hold up the creative process. You may have the keywords in mind but don’t know where to start for your latest blog. This is where AI could be useful while allowing you to stay original.

From blog post ideas to potential outlines for said ideas, AI can be a great road map for your next best blog! It can give you the extra push for new ideas without you demanding answers that could come with problems we’ll detail below.

Research Leads

As we’ll get into later, AI’s research isn’t always perfect, but it can give you a head start. Whenever AI offers you sources for content, always double-check for relevance and validity. However, even if the source the program provides isn’t the one you need, you’re almost certain to be on the right track toward the updated, relevant versions of the AI’s research.

Are There Any Downsides to AI Content?

If fast, auto-generated, SEO-ready content sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. Although chatbots and other programs can come very close to creating complete content, they can still fall short in glaring ways that could lead to a manual penalty if Google employees detect their use.

Some of the biggest issues we’ve noticed in how these AI -generators work include the following:

  • Outdated access to sources and research! Although AI can generate research sources for content, the results aren’t always relevant and usually require some human effort to add true value to content. For example, the current version of ChatGPT researches up to 2021. So, relying on this bot for relevant research isn’t a good idea.
  • AI-generated content still produces grammatical errors from time to time. Therefore, instant publication isn’t always in your best interest,
  • Also, AI content comes with its fair share of formatting issues. We found that some programs often repeated their own ideas or completely stopped generating content mid-completion. 

Should You Use AI for Content? 

The answer to that question is: It’s really up to you! If you plan on using AI-powered technology for content, we say make sure you use it wisely and not press “publish” directly after creating a content piece.

At this point in time, even AI content requires a human behind it to man the controls and double-check the content’s research, grammar, and formatting.

With that in mind, this still leaves enough room for human writers to bring a personal touch to each piece of content as they save time in planning and research. 

As further research and algorithm shifts roll out, we’ll update you on the viability of using AI-powered content to drive your SEO strategy.

Need Humans to Create Your Content? Dallas SEO Dogs Can Help!

We get it if you are wary about using AI to create content! New advancements are always something to wander into with caution.

We at Dallas SEO Dogs focus on creating unique content for human readers and search bots. Authoritative content is challenging to generate, and we’re confident our ideas can add value to your content that boosts your site’s rankings.

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