Blogging Tips From The SEO Standpoint

Posted - June 5, 2013

Blogging is one of the first and most often discussed strategies that we suggest here at Dallas SEO Dogs. It is one of the most effective things that bring organic traffic to your website if done in the right way. I say this as if it is easy to figure out the right way, but some parts of effective blogging are not as transparent as others. That is why we will spell much of it out for you here and now.

1. Write about topics that are both relevant to your business and interesting to your audience. 

Some tactics for finding topics like this are to search question and answer sites such as Yahoo! Answers or, visit forums for your industry and looking for hot topics, or reading reviews of your company or competitors. All of these sites can provide numerous topics for writing a blog that people will read.

2. Use the keywords that are  most important to your business throughout the blog article to help SEO. 

Most importantly, use a relevant keyword to the article and your business in the title of the blog article, preferably within the first few words of the title, as it will be seen and picked up by search engines more easily. The keywords or variations of them should be used 4-5 times throughout the article depending on the length, to reinforce relevance. Following these principles, search engines should have no trouble picking up the blog article for the keyword given you have enough traffic.

3. Include pictures and other media.

Posting streaming content from sites such as Youtube or podcasts that you have made and published on your blog will create more traffic. Posting pictures that your business has taken and hosts on your website serves as an additional connection to your brand and domain, too. You don’t always need additional content here – Podcasts and videos can be used as their own blog post. Include a transcript of the video within the same blog post for reference. These forms of media have the ability to add some variety to your blog and have a much higher element of virility (the chance of being shared).

4. Help yourself and host!

The most important, but not as flashy principle that I have to share with you is to make sure that your blog site is hosted under your business’s domain name. You will be doing all this work to ensure your blog helps your business, so make sure that the blog will help your business’s website get noticed also. In line with this last principle, use a URL system that can be understood by readers as a hint for what each blog article is about. This will raise the chance that any recipients will click a shared link.

So we have talked about some principles for how to set up your blogs to effectively help your business and SEO efforts. Contact Dallas SEO Dogs learn more about how to increase your traffic through social media. Start enacting these today to begin a good foundation to see your blog audience grow.