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Posted - February 10, 2012

Many of ouf clients mention social media as the most difficult task they face, not only because they lack experience, but also because of disorganization.  If you’re like most executives and small business owners, you find it increasingly difficult to meet the demands of social media balanced with an already hectic schedule.  What’s worse, studies show that we waste a couple of hours every day to distractions.  Get rid of those and you have a much more productive work day!

Here are a few typical timewasters (many of which I’ve struggled with in the past):
  • playing your favorite facebook or mobile phone game app (Farmville and Words With Friends are common sources of time waste)
  • routinely checking your email for responses or new business inquiries
  • following your favorite sports team as a trade transpires
  • getting sucked into a Facebook or Twitter discussion that lasts for hours
  • nodding off at your desk
While I can’t help you with the last one (though I do recommend Tweak Energy Shots), there are ways to budget your time effectively — it’s critical for success!  No matter how smart you are, how fast a typist you are, or how skilled a multitasker, you’ll never maximize efficience without organization.  Running through a 10- or 12-hour day with 20 windows open at once, skipping lunch and breakfast, is not the answer.  Instead:
  • do one thing at a time
  • take a break mid-day to relax, have lunch, re-energize and refocus
  • have someone schedule and screen calls and make appointments for you to avoid interruptions
  • check email and then close it out for an hour or 30 minutes
  • use instant messenger instead of phone calls; answer messages when you have free time instead of getting into long discussions
  • schedule time slots for social media
Outside of these tasks, try to keep a schedule.  Schedule social media a couple of times a day (the best time for Tweets is noon, early evening and weekends; the best time for Facebook is noon or Saturday).
Doing all of this can help you not only be more efficient and productive, but help you keep your sanity!