May 2022 Digital Marketing Round-Up

Posted - May 18, 2022
Digital Marketing Trends May 2022

Welcome back to another digital marketing round-up with Dallas SEO Dogs!

May was a month of reporting issues and updates for Google. Yet, the future is bright in the Metaverse and its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). There’s always something new and exciting happening in the digital world, and some of it could affect your SEO strategy.

How will this month’s digital marketing updates impact your progress? Let’s dig into the latest industry stories and find out!

Google Warns Users of a Reporting Issue

According to a report from Google, between April 25, 2:32 PM (PT) and April 26, 12:24 PM (PT), an issue corrupted reporting data. Google says a problem affected the validity of reports within:

  • Google Ads Scripts
  • The AdWords API
  • Google Ads API

Users downloading reports during this timeframe may have missing rows or data. The impact of the issue was minor, and Google resolved the problem. Yet, using data from this timeframe could present misleading results.

Were Your Reports Harmed?

The only way to know if the glitch impacted your results is to re-run reports. We recommend downloading your reports from that timeframe and performing a thorough comparison.

Trust us. When it comes to reporting and your success, perfection is paramount.

Why Are Accurate Reports Important?

Analytics is vital to SEO. Accurate reports show where your ads find success or trouble. Inaccurate reports lead to recurring mistakes that waste your ad budget.

Every dollar counts. Thus, rerunning your reports mitigates the financial loss.

Meta Plans Human-Level AI

Meta may be settling in as the new face of Facebook. Yet, the parent company is already making waves.

Meta recently announced research into creating a human-level AI that will make the search as detailed as we’ve always dreamed.

Several challenges lie ahead, and human-level AI isn’t something Meta can plugin as a new algorithm without proper research.

Despite the odds, Meta plans to make advanced AI a reality. They’ve partnered with NeuroSpin, a neuro-imaging company, and the software company Inria.

Meta will work with these teams and compare how AI language models and the human brain respond to spoken and written sentences.

What Does Advanced AI Mean for Search?

AI already plays a pivotal role in SEO. It uses real-time data to bring users the most relevant search engine results possible.

With advanced knowledge of brain-to-text functions, human-level AI could perfect search results for any user. This advanced AI could:

  • Perfect the relevance of search results
  • Improving search data insight for future searches
  • Improve the user experience at a personal level

New Performance Max Features

Google’s Performance Max lets you automate ad campaigns, lead audiences to relevant ads, and maximize campaign success.

This year, Google will replace Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns with Performance Max by Q3. As Google prepares for this overhaul, it’s added several features that ensure a smooth transition.

Let’s review these new features and how they’ll impact your Performance Max experience.

Customer Acquisition Goals

Customer acquisition goals were Smart Shopping features. The shift from Smart Shopping to Performance

Max means that this feature is now available in these ad campaigns.

These goals let you:

  • Bid on customers close to your current clientele
  • Optimize ad campaigns for customers outside of your standard demographic

This feature will help you grow your audience and save money.

Customer Interest Insights

Until now, Performance Max hasn’t given performance driver insight. Customer Interest Insights will resolve this issue.

Diagnostic insights will show why ads aren’t performing and how to solve campaign problems.

Asset audience insights will also show who ads resonate with and which audiences to target in future campaigns.

One-Click Upgrades

The upgrade tool will make migration to Performance Max a smooth transition. Google will target Local and Smart Shopping campaigns for upgrades during the transition.

The one-click tool lets you upgrade all former campaigns into a new Performance Max campaign. No stress, no mess, just success!

These new features will solidify Performance Max as an ad campaign necessity. One streamlined ad program will:

  • Simplify creation
  • Ensure accurate audience reach
  • Promote increased ad engagement/conversions

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