Doubling Your Revenue with SEO Solutions

Posted - March 6, 2014

Who wouldn’t want to make more money and reach many more customers? How about reaching enough customers and being able to sell them enough of your product to double your revenue? This is the goal of most businesses and tapping into the 700 million people using Google in a year can be a great avenue to do so.

Using SEO to increase revenue is not a direct and straightforward process, but it is one that if approached properly with the right mindset and determination can have great returns. The end approach is that the company that can answer the user’s questions will get the user’s business. Look to multiple traffic sources to increase the number of visits and tailor a conversion funnel for each type of traffic source. Analytics and tracking is a huge source of valuable information about your customer’s behaviors and intentions. ¬†Optimize your site to meet the needs of people, not just search engines. The most important factors to a successful SEO campaign are having the client’s trust to be flexible to adapt to changing behaviors and environment, and giving the campaign the time to develop and blossom. The goal of doubling your revenue using SEO will not happen overnight or even within a couple month’s time. A goal this important and big needs a timeline appropriate to the size of the task, which could be one year or even a multi-year campaign. The most successful SEO campaigns work hand in hand with the client. SEO consultants are experts in SEO and online marketing but may not be a top expert in your particular industry. This is where the client’s input and effort improves and benefits the outcome of any SEO campaign. Websites have to be designed with SEO in mind in order to perform at their best to get new customers to convert and purchase. Existing sites not designed for SEO, may require major modifications to the underlying code besides the information that is publicly displayed. Make sure to include your SEO expert(s) in all parts of the marketing and design process. They can provide insights that you may not have been aware of and can save you money and time in the long run rather than bringing them in after the fact. The experts here at Dallas SEO Dogs are ¬†available to assist in developing a strategy to reach more customers and make sure you are answering the questions needed to make the sale.