How Can Native Advertising Help Your Brand?

Posted - September 1, 2021
native advertising example

Content is one of the biggest driving forces behind creating loyal customers that convert. From blogs to video content, and display ads, there are many ways for a creative brand to attract attention to its products.

Today, consumers tend to filter out traditional ads as they scan web content. Native advertising is an alternative that helps blur the line between advertising and other web content and can result in more clicks.

Here’s an inside look at what native ads are, why you need them, and how Dallas SEO Dogs can help!

What is Native Advertising?

Paid ads that blend in seamlessly with other page content are called native ads. The goal of a native ad is to match a site’s publication style and provide readers with useful information about the product the ad promotes.

Native advertising doesn’t “feel” like an ad, and creates a more natural advertising experience that smoothly leads consumers down the advertising funnel.

Who Needs Native Advertising?

In short, if your brand relies on advertisements to attract new customers and retain existing audiences, native advertising could be a useful tool. Banner ads and pop-ups can get the job done, but they don’t truly create a connection with the consumer.

If you’re focused on making your brand a trusted household name, native advertising may be a strong tactic.

What Are the Benefits of Native Advertising?

Your display ads may be producing results, but should you ask your digital marketing about native ads? Let’s discuss native advertising’s biggest benefits.

1. Custom Content That Leaves a Lasting Impression

One caveat here. Always create native ads with your customer in mind. Do you prefer click-bait titles and poor-quality content, or does informative, relevant content pique your interest?

Content creators should approach all native ads with education and value in mind. Well-written content that follows Google standards for natural language can make an impression on the right audience. 

Create your content to show you can solve a user’s problem; encouraging them to dive deeper into your marketing funnel and engage with your site.

2. Good Native Ads Don’t Disrupt User Experience

As we’ve mentioned, native ads should blend in with the rest of the content the user reads. That way, they’ll view your content as naturally as possible without feeling like you’re force-feeding them.

Twitter Native Ad Example

Pop-ups and banner ads can be useful, but can also disrupt the user experience and lead to distraction, frustration, and an increased bounce rate. A compelling native ad can perform much better. Be sure to keep the experience running smoothly right up to the final conversion with well-crafted branded content.

3. You Can Be in Total Control

One of the biggest challenges with advertising is not knowing if or when your ad will make it onto a viewer’s screen. Unless your search engine optimization (SEO) team has an excellent PPC service, your advertising effectiveness can easily remain in limbo.

Fortunately, with native advertising, your brand is in control of where the ad shows up and to which audience. Native advertising grants creators the ability to precisely match search intent and successfully place the native ad amongst related content where it makes sense.

4. Native Ads Perform Better

If your custom content is high-quality and offers actual value to your audience, your ad has a greater chance of outperforming a standard display ad. Research shows that over half of the internet’s users prefer native ads over ads like banner ads. Yes, we know, preference doesn’t always lead to results, but, native ads are 18 percent more likely to lead to a conversion.

This All Sounds Great, But What’s The Catch?

To be honest, native advertising is a controversial marketing practice because there is a chance that it can backfire on a brand. Not all content creators have the same experience, so, it’s possible for a low-quality ad to disrupt the user experience and your success.

It can also be so difficult for users to see through an ad that some brands have also mistakenly spread misinformation that ends up hurting the credibility of the practice.

The bottom line is that in order for native content to remain effective for a brand, the content creators must:

  • Focus on honest alignment with the content users expect from the brand
  • Create high-quality content that targets the right audience and results in greater user engagement

Create High-Conversion Ads with Dallas SEO Dogs

Creating a well-crafted native advertisement takes time. Unfortunately, many brands don’t have the bandwidth to take on this task and continue to rely on display ads that are out of their control.

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