How to Know When It’s Time to Reset Your Brand

Posted - January 21, 2021
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Some brands like Macy’s and Pabst Brewing Company are staples in their markets that have been around since the 1800s.  But while these and other successful brands may be  “household names,” even they have had to shift their branding with the times to stay relevant.

If you own a local business, you may not yet be a household name — and that’s okay! On the other hand, if your popularity seems to be declining, it could be a red flag that your brand has gone stale.

Unlike strong brands, a stale brand doesn’t support conversions, site traffic or search engine rankings. If your analytics show declining results like these, consider contacting your friendly neighborhood local search engine optimization (SEO) firm and hit a hard reset on your branding strategy.


Your Website is Outdated

If you can’t remember the last time you updated your site’s homepage, it’s time to make some changes. From consistent content creation to fresh images, your site needs to be regularly updated in order to shift with trending keywords, appeal to fresh audiences, and ensure that your site provides accurate, relevant information.

Some of the signs that your site is damaging your branding include the following:

  • You have broken links
  • Your images look dated
  • You haven’t posted a blog in over a month
  • Your web design looks amateur or isn’t user-friendly

Fortunately, an SEO company with experience in all of these issues can quickly help you get them resolved and make your website live up to user and search engine standards.


You Didn’t Catch a Customer Base Shift

Sometimes the focus on your day-to-day operations deters your attention from shifts in your industry or product’s demographics. This means that if your brand is still targeting an audience whose interest has dwindled, potential customers may be lost to competitors that have adjusted.

Only Mom and Dad like your posts

Becoming invisible to your target audience can quickly rot your brand. 

An experienced SEO company can help you research the competition, scour through industry social pages, and uncover who your brand needs to target. From there, we can help you repurpose content, expand social media, and improve your keyword research, to ensure that your new message is something that resonates with the audience you need so you can get the engagement you want.


The Industry has Grown, You Stayed the Same

If your industry moves on without you, your brand will get lost in the shuffle. We suggest regular research into what your competitors are doing with their products and advertising, and keeping up with general industry trends that pop up on your radar.

It’s easy to stay relevant, but even easier to fall behind. So, if you notice a surge of activity in your industry, now is the time to start catching up with SEO practices before you end up becoming a business that fades to black.


Your Company has Substantially Grown

Not all rebranding is the result of something you failed to do as a business. Sometimes even industry success can require a rebranding. Business growth often leads to new business models, and your brand should instantly tell your customers what it’s all about!

Show off your new company features through content updates, an email blast that lets your current audience know change is happening, and a social media marketing campaign that reintroduces your audience to the newer, bigger, brand that now offers more for them to love.


Negative Reviews Plague Your Reputation

Negative reviews and comments that are left to rot will harm your brand.

Quality review management can help legitimize your brand in the face of negative reviews. Take negative reviews to heart and repair the damage through a brand transformation that addresses audience desires.

Chain restaurants like McDonald’s and Jack in the Box are some of the most popular examples of this type of rebranding — both inside and out.


Up until a few years ago, audiences felt that the look of these restaurants was beyond “so ugly it’s kitch.” Many restaurant chains have stayed relevant and improved reviews by rebranding and providing a more modern experience. 


Your Content Isn’t Helping Your Rankings

Old blog post

Content should be one of the biggest aspects of your website that represents your current brand. 

From writing about relevant topics to using winning keywords and essential calls-to-action (CTA), your content is what keeps your 

website in the search engine spotlight and in front of audiences.

Site moderators must regularly update content. As we’ve discussed, trends change and target demographics shift. If you haven’t updated your site’s content in months, your brand will become outdated and rankings will falter.

A content refresh is one of the easiest ways to implement a rebrand for your business. Your SEO team likely has a content manager who can help define where your content has gone wrong and what needs to happen in order to get your brand back in shape.

Some of the ways that a professional content refresh can help a brand shift gears include:

  • Use of keywords that represent the current industry trends
  • Implementing a CTA that directs users to the next steps of the marketing process
  • Deep research into trending topics that people want to read about
  • Expanded pages with content that is valuable and answers essential questions about your product or industry, therefore, making your site a point of authority


Inject Your Business with a Rebranding SEO Strategy Through Dallas SEO Dogs

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