How to Overcome the Hardest Parts of SEO

Posted - March 17, 2021
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Search engine optimization (SEO) helps business fight for that coveted first page of results in search engines. Unfortunately, meeting your ranking goals is not a simple process for most businesses. In truth, perfecting your SEO can be a full-time job.

There is hope! With experts, some research and eagerness to learn, you can navigate even the most challenging aspects of SEO.

Here’s a look at some of the hardest parts of starting an SEO strategy and how you can overcome hurdles to become a search engine leader in your industry.

Start Off With an Excellent SEO Team

Breaking into the first page (much less the first position) of search results can be a daunting goal for people new to the SEO process. Not only are there tons of terms and concepts to absorb, but the amount of work that perfecting SEO requires could take away from essential time at your actual business.

As always, we are huge supporters of taking the bull by the horns and researching all you can about SEO. However, especially if it’s your first foray into the concept, hiring a reliable SEO team will give you the head start you need while nailing down proper practices.

An SEO team can help you with critical tasks such as:

In a world where anyone’s blog can claim to be expert advice, an SEO company on your side is your resource for gaining reliable information and making the right decisions for your campaign from the start.

Focus On Your Strategy’s Big Picture

Some people new to SEO may believe that one aspect of the process is the one to focus on for success. Really, hype focusing on one area of the practice will only get you so far. 

It helps to think of SEO as a puzzle. Each piece is important, but by itself won’t create a big picture. So, in order to prevent hitting a plateau because you’re too invested in one piece of the puzzle, we suggest taking a step back and examining the entirety of what needs to happen with your SEO strategy.

Keyword research, content creation, and social media engagement are all examples of SEO areas that rely on each other for overall success. Without current keywords, your content falls behind. When your content strategy stalls, social media doesn’t have anything relevant for audience engagement. 

In short, keep an eye on all areas of your SEO project rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Don’t Stick to Mimicry

Checking in on what the competition is up to can effectively uncover hot keywords and current topics within your industry. But getting too caught up in becoming an SEO clone really only keeps you at the same level as your competitors in search engines—not soaring above them.

Take some time to meet with your SEO team and focus on what your actual target audience is searching for, not how your competitors function. Create a unique strategy that blends popular approaches in your industry with your personal spin.

At the most, you should really only use the competition as a jumping-off point for out-of-the-box content ideas for popular search terms and topics. 

A unique SEO strategy helps your website stand out from the pack, attracts audience attention, improves site traffic, and, in the end, lets Google know your site is an industry authority and gets you ranking higher.

Stay On Top of Google

Google regularly makes algorithm updates that can tank even the best-planned strategies. 

Although “keeping up with the news” seems like an obvious piece of advice, staying behind when algorithm changes occur can lead to decreases in site traffic and even falling rankings due to compliance errors you don’t even know about.

SEMrush keyword Tracking tool

Algorithm shifts are one of the biggest SEO obstacles your site could face. However, with a little research and help from your SEO team, your strategy won’t flounder for long.

Learn How to Analyze Your Progress

SEO implementation within a company can always run the risk of naysayers that believe in the old ways of reaching a target audience. You can overcome this obstacle by learning how to analyze progress and proving that your new school efforts are making a difference.

Google Analytics and SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs are excellent resources for creating progress reports that show what SEO practices are working for your brand.

Google Analytics traffic showing positive increases

Your SEO team can help you understand and prepare progress reports. Eventually, you could even become technologically versed and keep up with your SEO success in real-time!

Overcome All SEO Obstacles With Dallas SEO Dogs

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