How to Make Your Content Stand Out Amongst the COVID-19 Crowd

Posted - April 15, 2020
Make your content stand out

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, many businesses have pivoted their content strategies in order to push their brand in a direction that benefits their communities. With a sudden influx of COVID-19-centric content, even the most essential of messages can easily get lost in the crowd of search results. Right now is the best time to examine your content strategy and adjust to search trends that help get your relevant message seen by users. Here are some ways to get your content found at this crucial point in time for your business.

Target audience

Find Out What Content Your Audience Needs

As you consider the next batch of content creation, take some time to reach out to your customers and review your analytics prior to starting. Find out what your audience needs from your brand right now from sources like Google My Business, social media, and Yelp! Another way to understand your audience’s content needs is to review your site’s analytics from the last couple of months. This data will show you what audiences are engaging with and can give your content direction. It may also lead you to shift your strategy by revealing what your audience really wants and needs right now.

Don’t Create for the Sake of Creating

With so much COVID-19 content flooding the web, it’s natural to want to throw your hat in the ring and remain visible. However, since the pandemic does present a trying time for many consumers, we say that it’s best to create content that focuses on COVID-19 when you truly have a unique message to offer. From how your business is helping in the community, to how you plan on keeping delivery methods safe, there are many ways to create COVID-19-related content that is genuine and doesn’t come off as your brand taking advantage of a traumatic time in modern history. One tip that we’ve shared with several of our clients is to create a COVID-19 update message that appears at the top of your home page and newly published content. List your views on the COVID-19 threat, the precautions you’re taking, guidelines you’re following, and protocols implemented. Provide as much information as possible about what you’re doing to keep your customers safe from any COVID-19 issues ⁠— no customer contact, all work done with social distancing, invoices, and payments online, etc. Update the page with current information as you have it. This can go a long way in managing expectations and creating trust. And don’t forget to share the post on social media.

Keep Your Content Schedule with this Added Tip

If your business has a regularly scheduled content calendar, it’s okay to take the focus off of coronavirus and talk about topics related to your services. Your COVID-19 update and blog post show that you’re conscious and empathetic with the situation, even though business must go on. Your audience will know that your business needs to survive during the pandemic, but failing to post any content may create concern and even handicap your search rankings.

Sheltering in place

Make Your Content Data-Centric

These days, all types of information are distributed and accepted as truth on the internet. Now that so many people are making every consumer decision count while “sheltering in place,” you don’t have room to spout random information and hope it sticks. Keep in mind that even before COVID-19 evolved into a pandemic, 88 percent of consumers heavily researched products and services before buying them. Data and research are ways that you can prove your brand’s authority at this time. Data-driven content not only provides solidified factoids for your content, but if it’s well done, it’ll be part of the push that helps your audience make decisions.

Prepare Your Audience for the Days Beyond the Pandemic

So many businesses are discussing the “now” of the pandemic situation. Although we can’t be sure of when the threat will pass us over or how long its effects will last, eventually life will return to some form of normal. Talking about your business’ potential post-pandemic threat isn’t insensitive; it can actually help build trust and authority with your audience. Give your audience some hope by talking about how your brand plans to thrive or improve once its doors open for regular business again. This will allow you to not only hit some essential keywords in unique, relevant content and keep up SEO rankings, but it will also serve as proof that your business is ready to adjust when the virus tapers down and markets once again adjust.

Content is king

Stay Relevant While Staying Safe With Your Unique Content

At Dallas SEO Dogs we know that none of the adjustments businesses around the world have to make because of COVID are easy. Useful, genuine, and accurate content is an attainable goal, and now is the perfect time to safely get the work done while practicing effective social distancing to help get the world back to normal. You’ve got this! Stay healthy and if you need a helping hand, we’re always available.