How to Write Your Content With Purpose

Posted - November 24, 2021
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Every site owner knows that content is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization strategy. 

However, writing content is so much more than getting a bunch of keywords published to appease search engines.

Every piece of content your brand creates should have a purpose and should always connect with your target audience before it connects with Google.

Let’s take a deeper dive into why purposeful content is important to your site’s position in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and how you can approach creating content that is truly meaningful and useful to your audience.

Why Does Purpose in Content Matter for SEO?

No matter your industry, you must always create content that’s useful and relevant to your audience at that time.

From industry announcements to seasonal posts that reel in business, remember that any content you produce has to have an end goal in mind.

Here’s why!

Purpose Gets Your Content Ranking

When you create great content with a specific goal in mind, your audience will connect with it, click your links, and eventually spread it to other circles where the information is relevant. 

As more people continue to click on your content, search engines see the traffic increase. They’ll reward your site with higher rankings for keywords and search phrases relevant to your content.

Purpose Earns You Links

As you continue to write with purpose, your site should continue to climb in SERPs for many industry keywords. As it gains popularity with search engines, it gains authority with the audience and professionals of your industry.

When professionals in your industry recognize your brand as a point of authority on the topics you cover, you’re considered a linkable brand. That’s when you can find major publications and industry powerhouses linking to your content. 

This attention further grows your authority, leads to a wider audience, and helps create conversions and sales for your brand.

Purpose Gets Your Audience Involved

It’s beneficial to tailor your content with social media success as a personal goal. Audiences love to feel involved in the success of the businesses they buy from. 

Therefore, when you share exciting content that educates and entertains, social audiences deem it valuable and will eagerly share your content with their audiences, eventually spreading the word of your brand and getting your audience directly involved in your SERP success.

How Should You Approach Purpose-Driven Content?

So you know why you need to write with a purpose, but what are the points of purpose your content needs to hit? Let’s take a closer look at the four different types of content writing your team can do that reach your audience exactly how you need it to.

1. Education

Blog posts are the easiest way to create pieces of educational content that teach your audience something new. Whether you’re providing tips on how to accomplish a certain task or are creating an in-depth piece that offers a plethora of researched information, education is something that audiences love.

People love to be experts in the industries and hobbies that interest them. So, if you can create content with the purpose of giving someone that extra ounce of knowledge, it’s content that will connect with a good portion of your audience.

2. Informative

As an industry authority, you are an audience’s first resource of the top information in your field. Informative content is a lot like educational content, with the two often going hand-in-hand. 

However, this type of content covers deeper insight into a topic via:

  • Webinar overviews
  • Industry conference highlights

Typically, informative content is going to be long-form content that mainly serves to boost your SEO and overall industry authority.

3. Inspirational

One of the best ways to connect with your target audience is directly through their hearts. Sure, technical articles may prove your authority, but an inspirational piece of content sprinkled into your repertoire puts humanity behind a brand that takes your audience’s trust to the next level. 

From helping your audience overcome an emotionally frustrating issue in your industry to giving them excellent reasons behind how your product can vastly improve their lives, don’t be afraid to show a little emotion when trying to draw your audience in.

4. Entertaining

Finally, don’t stray away from trying to be entertaining with your content. After all, your audience won’t read or watch your content because they love your dry delivery. Jazz up your publications with personal anecdotes or pop culture references as hooks. 

We aren’t saying to turn your relevant content into a full-on comedic sketch, but adding your own personality and flavor can make even the densest topics a little easier to digest.

Every Checkmark Isn’t Always Guaranteed

While it’s always great to try and hit all of the benchmarks we’ve covered, doing so every time isn’t always possible and doesn’t always create the effective content you need.

As a bonus tip, when you sit down to create a new piece of content, pick one or two approaches and aim for those. If the content ends up flowing together to naturally reach all of your purpose’s goals, that’s great and you should try to roll with it! 

However, forcing purpose into a topic that isn’t useful or relevant sends off an insincere message that can quickly turn an audience away.

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