Break Through the Technology: Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media

Posted - September 16, 2020
Social Media Post Getting Great Engagement

Social media is one of the easiest ways to better understand your audience and to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between your brand and it’s customers. However, if your social media channels are robotic and stale, your audience will be less likely to engage with you online.

As we’ve mentioned before, reaching out to your audience as humans over a commodity is essential for search engine optimization (SEO) success. The same applies for your social media campaigns. 

Unplug the extension cord from your brand’s social media channels and use these humanizing tips to make your social audience feel at home!

Combine Relevant Issues With Your Brand’s Values

It’s always appealing to reassure your audience that your values coincide with theirs. In contrast, a generic post about your mission and values can come off as ingenuine.

Get creative and share your brand’s purpose with the intent of creating a meaningful connection with your audience. One of the best ways to do that is to find relevance between current issues and your brand’s values, but be sure to only do so if it’s authentic. From there, make your posts both emotional and representative of your business.

For example, September is World Alzheimer’s Month. If you’re a healthcare provider or senior living community center, now is the time to show your audience how your mission proves your dedication to this important cause. A heartfelt post linking to a helpful article on the subject is just one simple example of how to connect your ideals with what matters to your audience.

Social Media Management Post For Senior Care

Post Photos to Add a Face to Your Brand

Humanizing your social media is all about bringing a face to a faceless brand. One of the best ways to do so is through actual photos of your employees, office space, and the staff at events outside of the office. These types of photos add personality to your social media that wouldn’t come through as effectively with a standard stock image.

Adding a face to your brand lets the audience know that there are actual humans behind content creation and increases genuine human engagement. 

Bring Your Audience Together

Even as a brand with business goals, your social media should focus on creating a community. The people who like your pages and posts all share common values, goals, or simply love of a brand. Take advantage of this by establishing a natural community! 

Simple ways to bring an audience together and make them part of your social media “family” include:

  • Live Q&As with team members or industry professionals
  • Virtual events that involve a coveted prize
  • Starting online groups that focus on various aspects of your services
  • Backstage or inside looks into what your brand is up to

All of these tactics and more help pull your audience in to build trust and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Find Your Voice and Use Data to Back it Up

Including your personality in your content’s voice helps bring humanity to even the most standard social media posts. Automated messages and extremely formal posts don’t work for audiences who want a company that “gets them.”

Think of your written voice on social media as being the replacement for how you would interact with an audience in person! Perfecting your voice for your audience takes time, so feel free to experiment with different types of voice. 

As you explore your brand voice, review the analytics with your digital marketing team. Your data will show which posts received the most audience engagement and will help you solidify the tone to use in future content. 

Truly Understand Why You’re on Social Media

Above all, make sure your team understands why you’re on social media. Not only that, but be sure to spend time on the right channels that make the most sense for your brand and your audience. Don’t just join the bandwagon and become white noise in an already saturated market. Create a content plan with goals that give your online presence purpose

A plan prevents filler posts and ensures that each post you create is one that is meaningful to your mission and audience’s values.

Find Your Brand’s Online Pulse With Dallas SEO Dogs

Consistently improving your social media presence can take some time. We understand that as a business owner, you have more to focus on than your Facebook and Instagram stats. The digital marketing experts of Dallas SEO Dogs have the experience to effectively connect your target audience to your brand’s ideals.

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