Latest Google Algorithm: “Penguin”

Posted - May 4, 2012

Google recently released changes to its algorithm, now dubbed “Penguin.” Suddenly I’ve seen many complaints (not from our clients… hah!) that the new algorithm has unfairly killed their online traffic. I think the latest changes are just an extension of the direction in which Google has been moving in recent years — e.g., devaluing incoming links (especially irrelevant links). SEOs that have tried to cheat the system in the past using mass inbound links are now being put in their place for their lack of foresight. I spoke with someone today who had no idea what could possibly be wrong with her site, which had dropped from page one to page six in Google for a very competitive term. A bit of research uncovered a ton of bad inbound links. Her SEO company had been performing linkbuilding tasks for years. In my opinion it was almost by accident that they were still on page one. Many factors, including the pure popularity of her company and offline marketing, contributed to keep her there. For many clients, explaining Google’s more recent approach to rankings and the algorithmic changes can’t overcome the overabundance of bad information they get online from outdated SEO Companies. Clients often approach Dallas SEO Dogs with something to the effect that “I’m looking for a great link-building company… how many incoming links can you generate?” They don’t understand “modern” Google algorithms at all. SEO companies are to blame, for sure. Many of them don’t follow the latest trends and still use old-school techniques like buying links, spamming and posting in irrelevant blogs and forums; they don’t look at the big picture and value clients only for the short term. It’s understandable too… for many foolish clients, SOMEONE will get their business using black hat techniques and proposing cheaper rates. Penquin is providing the paypack. It’s carrying Panda to the next level, promoting quality over quantity to thwart spammers. On Monday, I’ll take a look at what you should do if your site’s been dramatically affected by Penguin.