Latest Google Penguin Algorithm Changes Set an Even Stricter Standard for Backlinks

Posted - March 26, 2013

The most serious problem we see with most of our new clients is bad backlinks. The past several years have seen an increase in purchased links and links obtained through other means solely for the purpose of manipulating search results. This past year, Google has imposed stiff penalties on websites with bad backlinks, many of which are unknowing victims of work performed by unscrupulous SEO agencies.

The penalty threshold is dropping.  According to a recent study by Seattle-based Portent Inc., Google’s criteria for “spam profiles” has steadily broadened during the past year. As of October, 2012, Google is now penalizing sites with 50 percent manipulative links, up from a threshold of 80% when the Penguin algorithm was first implemented. This means that Google is systematically cracking down on manipulative linkers, targeting the worst offenders first. Expect the bar to be lowered even further this year.
As a site owner, what does this mean? It means that you need to continuously monitor and clean your inbound link profile. You must review your link profile carefully and consider the value of the source of each link. Remove and disavow the bad links. Bad links can come from many sources, but are commonly found in irrelevant blogs and forums, directories, link lists and press releases. If it looks like the link was acquired solely to benefit your site in search rankings, you should probably remove it.
If you’ve fallen victim to unscrupulous SEO practices and need bad backlinks removed and disavowed, Dallas SEO Dogs can help.
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