How Pay Per Click Campaigns Can Help Organic SEO

Posted - April 8, 2014

PPC or Pay Per Click is exactly what it sounds like – you pay every time someone clicks your link. It’s an easier yet usually more expensive way to get your site ranked near the top of the search engines. In addition to the immediate results, Paid Search offers benefits to your long term organic SEO strategy as well.

PPC provides a great place to test the effectiveness of different titles, descriptions, calls to action, etc. It’s very easy to set up several variations and know which ones are getting the most visitors to your site. We can use this information to drive the organic meta tags on your site – the title and descriptions that most search engines will use when your site comes up in the search results. If people are enticed to click the paid links, they will also be more likely to click through on your organic listings with similar phrasing.

Not long ago Google started hiding the keyword metric in their search so that analytics could no longer tell what people searched for to find your site. This meant SEOs couldn’t use definitive data to target keywords for your site. However, we can use PPC reporting to better understand what keywords are paying off and use that information to drive our organic keyword focus. We can take the highest performing PPC ads and derive keywords form them to use in your site’s content and ultimately reel in more visitors for those more popular keywords.

Lastly and possibly most important is PPC campaigns can get visitors to your new content as soon as it’s published. This is helpful to realize how effective your content is. If people leave the site or jump to other pages immediately then you will know right away rather than waiting for your organic results for that page to climb and get seen. It can be pretty frustrating to spend weeks or months getting a new page to the top of the search engines and then realize no one wants to read it. Use paid search to find out quickly and be able to make adjustments sooner rather than later.

These tips can help maximize your search marketing budget and time. If you would like help with your paid search or organic SEO give us a call and we can explain all your options.