Penguin 2.0 is Out!

Posted - May 24, 2013

The long awaited and much-ballyhooed Penguin 2.0 went live yesterday and we’ve already had some panicked emails overnight about the changes. It’s a major update, more significant than its predecessors.

Searchmetrics posted a list of sites most affected by Penguin 2.0, and predicatbly, many porn sites are in the list, but there are a variety of affected sites including the Salvation Army blog and Sites with thin links and untrusted links have been hit.
Google’s main goal with the new algorithm is to curb spam. You should see huge differences in some search results. On the whole, only 2.3% of English searches will be impacted, but that’s more than the previous two updates. Languages with more spammy content will have an even higher percentage.
There’s a recent Matt Cutts video (wearing a Firefox t-shirt?) on the topic.
You can report spammy sites via this link, including the search term.
If you’ve been hit with Penguin 2.0, let us know. We’ll have more on developments in the coming days.