SEO Tip of the Day: Don

Posted - May 10, 2012

The first task of any SEO project should be to perform sitewide keyword research. This means all pages of the site. Site owners will often balk at this part of the process because it’s a lot of work and they already have keyword phrases in mind. Owners think that’s it’s OK to skip this step because they “already know what keywords they want to target”. That may be the case, but without performing proper keyword research, there’s no way to be sure. Many times, the client’s terminology differs from what the public is actually entering as search term… or there may related keywords that the client hasn’t thought about. Keyword research lets our clients understand the amount of searches for each keyword phrase as well as the amount of competition for those terms.  From there, we counsel them on a combination of broad and niche keywords and build an SEO game plan accordingly.