SEO Trends

Posted - December 16, 2011

Dallas SEO Dogs doesn’t lag behind the pack when it comes to trends in search engine optimization.  Ten years ago, putting tiny text at the bottom of your page and masking it in the same font color as your background was a FANTASTIC idea. Today?  Not so much.

Today’s search engines give you the smackdown for black hat trickery.  They want to see engaging content that speaks to your target audience with some actual value.  Google’s 2011 Panda Algorithm is now so sophisticated that that SEO Companies now have to follow its terms of service closely if they want to achieve SEO success.  Dallas SEO Dogs believes that writing garbage articles full of keywords is a less-successful SEO tactic than it has been in recent years.  Here are some things we’re now focusing on.
Update Your Content!  The Panda algorithm now considers your entire site’s content.  If you have bad content anywhere on your site, it’s holding you back.  Why does Google think this way?  Because stale content signifies that you can’t keep up with the times.  On the bright side, if you have good (yet outdated) content, you don’t necessarily have to trash it and start over.  Dallas SEO Dogs can help you update your old content and add valuable keywords and links.  We can supplement that with new content and articles.  If your content is just horrible, let’s get rid of it and setup 301 redirects to the new pages.  Now, let’s update the content FREQUENTLY!
Clean Your Code!  Clean code means less chances for search engines to stumble when crawling your site.  Provide them with simple code that’s easy to analyze and standards-compliant.  Dallas SEO Dogs stresses this important task now more than ever.  Almost all of our projects demand HTML and CSS validation.
Reduce clicks!  Some clients want 100 pages of information with complex navigation.  Many of those pages are never even read by users.  Dallas SEO Dogs helps clients focus on the pages that are gettiong the most visits.  You may be able to move lesser-visited page content to another page to provide it with greater value and get increased visibility for the moved content.  Plus, you save some users the extra clicks they’d need to get to both pages.
In the coming months, we’ll add a lot more insight into current trends and tips.  Let us know if you have any questions.