*Surprise!* Google+ Pages Showing up Highly in Search Results!

Posted - December 27, 2011

*Surprise!*  Google+ Pages Showing up Highly in Search Results!

The popularity of Google+ has been slow out of the gate, but Google appears to be promoting its own cause with large companies.
Google’s new Direct Connect feature allows users to go directly to a company’s Google+ page just by typing a plus (“+”) symbol after the company’s brand (e.g., toyota+). Google, through its own algorithm, decides which companies qulaify for this feature via Google’s own algorithm.
Not many people are using the Direct Connect feature, but the Facebook wannabe-competitor site’s brand pages seem to place irregularly high in Google search results for companies that have qualified for Direct Connect. Many companies now see their Google+ page directly below their home page in Google’s rankings. It’s a not-so-surprising phenomenon that’s causing qualified companies to pay attention to their Google+ pages, and non-qualified companies to try to become qualified.
More on this later… we need to work on our Google+ page.