The Essential Guide to Staying Social Media Savvy During the Summer

Posted - June 10, 2020
The Essential Guide to Staying Social Media Savvy During the Summer

Summer is here, and while consumers are starting to make their way back to a normal shopping routine, now is the time to spruce up your social media strategy. While many companies consider summer to be a slower time due to a rise in vacations and fun in the sun, there are still a few social media tricks that can help your brand stand out for your customers. Try out these helpful tips and break the summer slump for your brand this year.

Keep Your Social Media Consistent

Remember, social media is something that can be done on the go! So, even if some of your staff are on vacation, keep this aspect of your business moving! After all, teens are on summer break, adults are taking “staycations” and the best way to stay in touch with your target audience is through social media. Post your latest blog posts or link to a product that could be useful to your audience. The more you post on social media, the higher your chances are of increased impressions and engagement with the links you promote. When that happens, the clicks also register with Google and your brand begins to get recognized as an authority figure in your field, further supporting your search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

Grab attention

Grab Attention With Your Social Content

Above all, make your posts snappy! Use relevant keywords and craft social media content that draws attention to your message. Remember, you really only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention so make your titles, graphics, videos, and posts count with attention-seeking language and visuals. However, while you want to entice your audience to click on a post, keep it SEO-friendly and stray away from being a click-bait article. Be bold but also be clear with your brand’s messaging to attract the right audience. Doing so will also strengthen your credibility in the space.

Create an Online Contest

While we tend to focus a lot on the background work involved with SEO and websites, there is so much that can be done with the social media content to support these other marketing efforts. Since it’s summer, why not try to take a more interactive approach to social media. Holding specific contests online that reward guests for attending your location and engaging on social media is a great way to encourage audiences to travel to your brick and mortar locations while also giving your brand an injection of SEO adrenaline. After all, the more interaction that is had with your brand online, the better your brand looks in the eyes of search engines and audiences on social media.

Prize winner

Reward Your Guests for Check-ins

Checking in at a location is one of the easiest ways a customer can interact with your online presence. Tracking your check-ins is a great way to get your finger on the pulse of your current social media campaigns. You can easily use this helpful tool to show appreciation to your valued customers by offering a discount, freebie, or a prize to those who check-in to your establishment on social media.

Best Caption Gets a Prize

Another way to garner social media engagement that gets people talking is a “best caption” contest. Simply have your digital marketing team post an image of one of your latest products, services or events at your location. Then ask your audience to give the funniest or most accurate caption of the featured image in your post. This is an awesome way to get easy content creation that continuously puts your products in the spotlight.

Follow and Tag!

Another popular and really common contest is to have individuals follow and tag X amount of friends to enter the contest for a prize. Garner more followers and attention while also giving out a reward for engagement! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Plan content in advance

Plan Your Content in Advance

From blog posts to social media posts, it’s essential to plan your summer content out, especially if you plan on taking some time off for your own fun in the sun. Technology these days makes planning out posts simple. Simply work with your social media team to write up a select number of posts for the summer, and have the content written, edited, and scheduled before the heat even starts to set in outside. This boosts your social media presence and SEO, because while you may take breaks, the Facebook and Google don’t. So, you can rest easy knowing that while you’re relaxing, the content you’ve planned out in advance is working on its own to keep your brand in the spotlight.

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