The Five Best Website Builders of 2024

Posted - March 22, 2024

Building your online presence is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a business, a blogger establishing your brand, or simply want to create a personal portfolio, your website is your virtual storefront. 

Fortunately, many excellent website builders are available, simplifying the process of designing and launching your site – often without needing any coding knowledge at all. Let’s explore some of the top-rated contenders and help you make an informed decision for your specific needs.

1. The All-Around Champ, Wix

Wix has earned a reputation as a user-friendly and powerful website creation platform. It’s particularly renowned for its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, visually striking templates, and extensive feature set. Wix caters to both novice web designers and experienced users, making it a versatile solution for various purposes.


Unmatched Ease of Use: Wix’s core strength lies in its drag-and-drop interface, empowering users to craft websites without needing any coding knowledge. It simplifies the process significantly.

Extensive Design Choices: Wix boasts a massive library of professionally designed templates, spanning numerous industries and styles. This gives you a strong starting point and extensive customization options to personalize your site’s aesthetics.

Ideal for Businesses and Portfolios: Wix provides valuable tools for businesses, including features like online store builders, booking systems, and marketing integrations. This makes it a popular choice for showcasing portfolios and building an online presence for businesses. 


Advanced Pricing: While Wix offers a free plan, unlocking advanced features for more complex websites requires a premium subscription, which can become costly.

Erratic Performance: Large, heavily customized Wix sites may sometimes experience slower load times or responsiveness issues.

Also Consider

A few more things to keep in mind.

App Market

Wix has a thriving app market allowing you to add even more specific functionality to your site, such as advanced forms, chatbots, or specialized integrations.

SEO Tools

Wix provides built-in SEO tools to help optimize your website’s visibility on search engines.

Limited Migration

It can be challenging to transfer a Wix website away from their platform if you decide to switch providers in the future.

Overall, Wix is a compelling option if you prioritize ease of use, strong design elements, and accessible features. Be mindful of the potential costs for complex websites and the limitations on website transferability when making your decision.

2.The Design Darling, Squarespace

Squarespace has a distinct reputation for its award-winning templates, known for their clean aesthetics, modern layouts, and a focus on visual impact. The platform is a favorite among creatives, designers, photographers, and anyone seeking a website that prioritizes a beautiful and polished appearance.


Design at its Core: Squarespace templates are undeniably stunning, offering a foundation for creating websites that exude sophistication and style.

Integrated Marketing: Squarespace goes beyond looks, offering built-in tools for email marketing, social media integration, and basic SEO, streamlining your online presence.

Visual Showcasing: Squarespace excels at displaying images and visuals. Its templates are designed to highlight photography, portfolios, and products in an eye-catching manner.


Learning Curve: Compared to the ultimate simplicity of a builder like Wix, Squarespace may have a slightly steeper learning curve, especially for users completely new to website building.

Additional Considerations:

Template Variety: While Squarespace templates are exceptional, their overall selection can sometimes feel less extensive compared to platforms like Wix. This potentially limits choices for niche use-cases.

Structure Control: Squarespace provides some customization options, but you’ll find less granular control over layouts compared to the freeform nature of Wix’s drag-and-drop builder.

Blogging Functionality: Squarespace has a strong blogging platform built-in, making it a good choice if content creation is important to your website.

Squarespace is an excellent choice if you’re drawn to modern design, need a platform to showcase visual work beautifully, and value seamless integration of marketing tools. If you’re willing to invest a little more time in familiarizing yourself with the platform, it can yield stunning results.

3. The Affordable, AI-Powered Zyro

Zyro distinguishes itself in the website builder market by combining affordability with innovative AI tools that make getting your website online easy and surprisingly fast. If you’re on a tight budget or seeking a user-friendly experience with some intelligent assistance, Zyro is worth considering.


Wallet-Friendly: Zyro’s pricing plans are among the most competitive, especially for basic websites or those with eCommerce ambitions. This means you can launch a solid online presence without significant investment.

AI Assistance: Zyro’s AI features provide a helping hand throughout the design process. Utilize their AI-powered logo maker, content generator, and heatmap tool to streamline website creation, even if you’re a beginner.

Simple and Focused: Zyro doesn’t overwhelm users with a massive array of features. Instead, the platform focuses on simplicity, making it a great option for those who want a quick-to-learn and straightforward website building experience.


Advanced Functionality: If you need highly specialized features, integrations, or extensive customization options, Zyro might not be the best fit. It prioritizes essential website elements over the depth of features you’ll find on some top-tier competitors.

Also Consider

Evolving Feature Set: Zyro is a growing platform, with new features and enhancements being added regularly. Keep an eye on their development if you have specific functionality requirements.

eCommerce Ready: Zyro’s pricing structure and tools make it an attractive option for smaller online stores, especially if they are budget-conscious.

Zyro shines for individuals, small businesses, and those who want to create basic websites, portfolios, or launch a small online store without exceeding a tight budget. The platform’s AI tools provide a unique edge that makes website creation even more accessible.

4. The eCommerce Standard, Shopify

Shopify has become synonymous with online stores for good reason. The platform is laser-focused on providing all the tools and infrastructure you need to build, manage, and scale a successful online business.


eCommerce Specialization: Unlike some website builders that dabble in eCommerce, Shopify’s entire design philosophy centers around selling products online. This translates into features like in-depth inventory management, flexible shipping options, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

Massive Marketplace: Shopify’s app store is one of its greatest strengths. It allows you to extend your store’s functionality with thousands of apps for marketing, customer service, dropshipping, product reviews, and countless niche solutions.

Scalability: Whether you’re starting small or have big ambitions, Shopify offers a range of plans to support growth. Their robust infrastructure ensures your store stays operational as traffic and sales volume increase.


Possibly Overkill: If you merely need a basic brochure website or a simple online presence, Shopify’s full range of eCommerce tools might be unnecessary, and its pricing structure could be less cost-effective.

Learning Curve: While intuitive, mastering Shopify’s more comprehensive features (like advanced analytics or complex product variations) takes time and effort.

Why Businesses Choose Shopify

Streamlined Payment: Shopify integrates with a vast array of payment gateways, making it easy to accept payments from customers worldwide. They also have their own payment processing system called “Shopify Payments”.

Powerful Analytics: Shopify provides detailed reports on sales, customer behavior, and traffic patterns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your store.

Reliable Support: Shopify offers 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat, ensuring you get help when you need it.

Overall, Shopify is the top pick for serious online businesses that prioritize extensive eCommerce features, flexibility to grow, and a robust, reliable platform. If those are your goals, the potential complexities are a justifiable investment.

5. The Ultimate in Flexibility, WordPress ( stands apart as a self-hosted content management system (CMS) rather than a traditional drag-and-drop website builder. It’s renowned for its open-source nature and the vast degree of control it offers experienced web developers and those willing to climb a small learning curve.


Boundless Customization: shines in this area. With thousands of free and premium themes and an even more expansive plugin library, you can tailor the functionality and appearance of your website to match your exact vision.

Scaling and Power: WordPress powers countless large-scale websites due to its ability to adapt to evolving needs. It’s an excellent choice for complex websites, high-traffic blogs, or any project where complete control is paramount.

Enthusiastic Community: The sheer size of the WordPress community means there’s always help available. Forums, tutorials and online resources abound, making problem-solving easier.


Self-Hosting and Maintenance: Unlike website builders, you must secure your own web hosting and handle software updates, security, and backups. This adds a layer of responsibility and some cost.

Not for the Faint of Heart: Understanding basic web technologies (HTML, CSS, and sometimes PHP) becomes beneficial with While user-friendly, it has a steeper learning curve than drag-and-drop builders for those less technically inclined.

The Ideal User

Developers & DIY Enthusiasts: Web developers love the freedom it provides. Individuals willing to tinker and learn basic coding also thrive on this platform.

Businesses Needing Control: Businesses prioritizing full control over branding, data ownership, and feature expansion often choose

Ambitious Bloggers:’s powerful blogging engine, SEO optimization options, and content management features make it a top pick for serious bloggers gives you the keys to build virtually any website you can imagine. However, it requires a greater investment in technical knowledge or the willingness to outsource some maintenance for the ultimate payoff of flexibility.

Final Considerations

When selecting a website builder, remember to focus on these factors:

  • Ease of use: How crucial is a beginner-friendly, drag-and-drop experience?
  • Features: Do you need ecommerce capabilities, blogging tools, SEO features, or something else specific?
  • Design options: Which builder boasts templates and themes that align with your brand’s aesthetic?
  • Cost: Website builder prices vary; ensure the platform you choose fits your budget.

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