Tips For Writing The Perfect Push Notification Content

Posted - February 17, 2021
Writing the Perfect Push Notification Content

Push notifications are notifications your website or app can send to users reminding them to take action on an opportunity your website has on offer. Push notifications are an excellent way to improve your site traffic, user engagement, and conversions on products and services.

While your site could use general push notification content that invites users to interact with a drab “allow” and “do not allow” option, the team at Dallas SEO Dogs loves to craft original, engaging content, no matter the size. 

Here are some of our quick tips for crafting a concise and effective push notification that makes a positive impact on your brand.

Make it a Personal Message

Everyone likes to feel like they are part of the in-crowd. Push notification content has the ability to come off as an appealing one-on-one message. This type of message personalizes the experience and could be the push that a customer needs to interact with your brand.

Aside from using the client’s name in the message, it helps to include power words that appeal to the ego of an audience. 

Example of a Push Notification

Some of the most effective words include:

  • You
  • We
  • Are 
  • Us
  • I

Appeal to Emotions

Even though push notifications are usually shorter messages, there is always room to add emotive words that appeal to the sensitivities of your audience. Depending on the subject of your push notification, some of the following words in your messaging can trigger emotions that lead to engagement:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Indulge
  • Avoid

You can use a variety of words to convey emotion. The true key to doing this is finding a content writing team that understands your audience and how your brand wants to interact with them in the particular message. 

Add Visuals for Expedited Comprehension

Push notifications are all about urgency and consumers making decisions at the quick click of a button. Even though most notifications are concise pieces of content, just one too many words can create a second-guess on a consumer’s decision.

HBO Max Push Notification

At Dallas SEO Dogs, we like to encourage using visuals to tell a story within the content we produce. This method also works with making the message of push notifications clearer. 

Consider this: Would a photo of a smiling woman with a new bag of clothes entice you to sign up for some sales discounts? Or would you rather read about the available discounts at the location? 

We believe the photo can bring out everything we’ve discussed so far about push notifications:

  • Personal connection
  • Emotion
  • The urgency to take advantage of consumer happiness

Expose the Value in Your Services

One of the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics is an actionable message that offers value in exchange for engagement. We believe a great push notification packs as equal a punch as a call to action (CTA) in our content.

Like a CTA, focus on the value that engagement provides the user. Think of your push notification as a message that informs users about what they’ll get as opposed to what they need to do next. 

Valentines Day Push Notification

Another example of showing value through action would be something like:

Be the first to pick up a signed copy of the next Stephen King novel! Advanced tickets are available now!

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