What Makes Good Website Content?

Posted - August 24, 2018
Dallas content marketing

Content may be considered king, but excellent content is really what matters when it comes to creating value for SEO. In order to truly master the art of the first page, you will need to understand how SEO and a piece of well-written content can work together to:

  • Reach the eyes of your target audience,
  • Promote recognition in search engine results,
  • And keep your brand name on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

What is SEO?!

Before diving into what exactly makes a good piece of content, it is important to examine Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is what impacts search queries that in turn, impact the online presence of your business. SEO is an internet marketing strategy that utilizes keywords and Google algorithms to:

  • Target customers,
  • Increase brand visibility,
  • And drive traffic to your web pages.

SEO focuses on bringing businesses organic search results that make a difference in a brand’s Google rankings.  

How can Blog Posts and Landing Pages Work for SEO?

1.  Satisfies searcher intent

When someone uses Google, they are usually searching for the answer of a question. For every question, tons of search results pages are given for answers. Of all of this web content, satisfying searcher intent is the key. Good content answers their questions. Great content pulls them deeper into your site.

2.  Google Needs content to Even Rank Your Page

It is so important for your brand to create content because in order for SEO to even work for you, Google requires you to write content. By utilizing the knowledge of an SEO organization like Dallas SEO Dogs, you will be able to create quality content that puts your business on the map for potential customers.

3.  Content Helps You Push The Best Keywords

Great web content is the result of using the right keywords. Organic SEO only happens through diligent keyword research and the strategic use of pertinent results throughout your written content. When you are creating your content, keep in mind that you want to select keywords that you believe will best match your searcher’s intent.

4.  Links Are Reliant on Content

Great SEO and link usage go hand-in-hand. However, in order to create links that matter, you will need to write content that is ready for optimal link building. Much like the keyword approach, you want to create links that will matter to your searchers.

5.  Content that’s Sharable can Create More Social Media Attention

Excellent content goes beyond having social share icons. This may seem like a simple tip, but your content must be worth sharing. Creating social media attention is a valuable content marketing method, but you always want to be positive that what you are sharing is valuable to your audience.

6.  Content is Measurable

Focusing on SEO and content at the same time is important because you can always measure your produced content efforts. When working with SEO and content you have the ability to:

  • Check site bounce rates,
  • Create call to action buttons,
  • Add buttons on your page (phone numbers, forms, etc.),
  • Check the time spent on your site,
  • And prove your ROI.


7.  Excellent Content Keeps Your Bounce Rate Low

Keeping people on your site and keeping your bounce rate low is what ultimately gets your pages ranking high on Google. Once again, by focusing your efforts on creating content that is centered on SEO as well as searcher intent, you will be able to create excellent content that keeps visitors on your pages.  

Get Long-Term Content SEO Results with Dallas SEO Dogs

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