Why Now is an Essential Time to Continue Marketing Your Brand

Posted - April 1, 2020
Marketing your brand

As social distancing mandates and business closures have affected many of our clients, many have asked if there’s a point to marketing during the coronavirus pandemic. While it may seem counterintuitive, the fact is that most businesses can benefit from a continued effort⁠—with some tweaking. In fact, even the smallest digital efforts can make a difference without sapping your budget. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t give up on marketing your brand during these turbulent times.

The Pandemic has No Timeframe

As much as we all want the threat of the pandemic to pass us by, the truth is, there isn’t a developed cure for COVID-19 and there isn’t a timeframe to look forward to. With a matter of weeks and months of quarantine mandates, it’s likely that search practices will eventually shift. Now is the time to implement onsite search engine optimization (SEO) changes and create original content. Remember, search engine success doesn’t happen overnight. So, take advantage of the time you’ve got to make changes and additions today that could help your brand in the long-run.

Increased screen time

Everyone’s Attention is On Digital Platforms

Right now, most of your potential customers have nothing but time, and most of their attention is focused on digital media. With so many online opportunities to reach your audience, it’s a good idea to take some chances and try out some digital marketing experimentation that could benefit your business now and even after the COVID-19 crisis is over. From experimental social media campaigns to testing out new PPC advertising opportunities, continuous marketing could help your brand reach new audiences that you generally wouldn’t have strived for before the global pandemic.

Your Competitors Have Put Campaigns on Hold

Unfortunately, many businesses predict that they won’t be making as much money during the pandemic. Many of these brands have put marketing campaigns on hold until business returns to normal. If your local competitors’ marketing is stagnant and you’ve kept tabs on how to connect with your audience at this time, then you have home field advantage. While other businesses may plan to restart once the market stabilizes, now is the chance to enjoy reduced competition and make your marketing spend a truly impactful investment.

Playing Chess

Some Niche Businesses Have Pivoted and are Thriving

If your business has decided to modify its approach to services during the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing your marketing campaign is essential. Without a decent marketing push, none of your loyal customers will be able to learn about your efforts and spread the word. Pivoting your overall goals and marketing campaign can be extremely beneficial for both your brand and its customers. The Social House, a Fort Worth restaurant, is a great example of successful pivoting. Since it had to close its dine-in options, the popular eatery has created The Social Market, a place where guests can pick up orders on essentials ⁠— including toiletries, fresh meat and produce, cooked meals, and bottled specialty drinks. Through their marketing push for #supportlocal and an ad campaign that emphasizes social distancing and “no more scavenger hunting,” many locals have taken advantage of this quick shift in services as a simple way to get essentials while staying safe.

Stay Safe While You Continue to Press On

If you are part of an essential industry or you’ve decided to pivot your marketing strategy to flow with the times, we congratulate you for having the courage to carry on right now! Above all, remember to take all necessary measures to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. We’re all in this together, so if you need anything, Dallas SEO Dogs is here for you!