Why Your Brand Should Focus On Video Marketing

Posted - February 26, 2021
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Content marketing is one of the most important areas of search engine optimization strategy. Although we love to use written content as a way to attract Google and our audiences  attention,  our team is forward-thinking and understands the importance of video marketing.

If your brand is exploring the idea of implementing video into its marketing strategy, then you’re already headed in the right direction. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should stop teetering on the edge of this type of content and jump headfirst into success with a video marketing content creation strategy.

Google Values Video Content

Content quality and relevance aren’t just something that matters for blog posts and service pages. When Google generates relevant search engine results, it takes into consideration the entirety of a website’s media.

Always Optimize Your Videos for Ranking

Video optimization on sites like YouTube and Vimeo matters when it comes to how a video impacts the rankings of a site that embeds it in their content.

What are some of the ways that a video can attract Google’s attention while increasing keyword rankings:

  • A title and description that use relevant keywords and phrases
  • A video transcript that makes your video crawlable (Google cannot watch videos or listen to audio)
  • Create an attractive video thumbnail that is relevant to the content of your video

Video content helps diversify your site content, making it more entertaining, as well as informative enough to hit essential keywords that increase its overall ranking.

Quality video content isn’t something that is easy to generate on a whim. It’s always best to reach out to a third-party that specializes in creative content so that you can ensure that your videos are checking off all of the algorithm boxes. 

Videos can Lead to Great Written Content

Creators can make excellent use of videos by allowing them to serve as a test for future written content. If a video is successful, content creators can focus on branching out from the success in blog posts and social media focus. 

For example, if a video of a prosthodontist running over a dental implant bridge with an SUV to test the product’s strength sparks interest, then the creator now knows they can focus their content on product durability.

We say, if the content is relevant, take advantage and ride the wave all the way to the top of search engines!

Video Marketing Reels in Higher Conversion Rates

Not only can great video give your SEO a boost, but it also holds your audience’s attention. But what purpose does excellent traffic serve if your site doesn’t generate conversions?

Where written content tells a story about your product or service’s success, visual content shows the story and can push your audience closer to a sale. 

According to Wyzowl’s 2021 Video Marketing Statistics, a marketing video motivated 84% of the surveyed audience to buy a product or service. 

So, change up the variety of your site’s content to guarantee more eyes on your site and potentially increase your product sales. 

Visual Content is a Traffic Driver!

Many businesses are turning to video marketing because they understand the effectiveness of informative video. 

Videos with valuable content can consistently drive site traffic in several ways:

  • Great videos with valuable content entice audiences to visit the websites they link to and experience the benefits the video discusses for themselves.
  • Visitors can share your video and further increase your site’s traffic. 
  • A shared video has the potential to gain interest from other bloggers and website owners. If they re-blog or link to your site, your site’s traffic can improve, as well as your brand’s link-building strategy.

Increasing your site’s traffic is important because it not only gets more eyes on your brand, but the added attention could push your website higher up in the SERPs.

Social Media Loves Visual Content

Spreading your content across social media channels is one of the key ways to get noticed outside of excellent SEO. As we’ve mentioned, visual content is a massive traffic generator. As informative as a well-written blog post is, content creators must face the facts: Visual content is the hook to reeling your audience into an information rabbit hole. 

Videos and photos are among the most shared pieces of content across platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It takes one spark for something interesting to go viral across social media, so why miss out on your business’ opportunity?

If you have a great idea for visual content, take advantage of people’s love of viewership, and create a social media video marketing strategy that gets spread around like wildfire and increases your brand’s social presence.

Dallas SEO Dogs Helps You Create Engaging Brand Content

We have experience working with all forms of media throughout every industry and know how to craft actionable content that will fit your brand.

If you’re ready to create video content that reaches your target audience while helping your site climb to the top of search results, Dallas SEO Dogs is ready to help. We want to meet you and learn more about your business. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a member of our marketing team.