Why Your Homepage Needs More Content Than You Think It Does

Posted - April 28, 2021
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At Dallas SEO Dogs, we are huge believers in creating as much relevant content as possible for all of the clients we work with. For most sites, the most important page is the homepage.

During the drafting phase of our content process, many clients resist adding more content to their homepage. Many have a minimalist design in mind, and we can’t tell you how many times Apple has been used as a reference point. Unfortunately, unless you’re as big as Apple, a few images and sentences won’t support high Google search rankings.

Here’s a closer look at why we encourage long-form content on our client’s homepages, and how more content can benefit their search engine optimization (SEO) goals!

How Important is Your Homepage?

Let’s make this simple: Your homepage is the very first impression visitors have about your brand. If they can’t quickly decipher what your business has to offer them and why they should work with you over the competition, they’ll move on. 

Therefore, be sure that your homepage has easily scannable content that lets visitors know why your business is the best in its industry.

“But More Content Will Clutter Up My Homepage!”

Without formatting your content and just layering in paragraph after paragraph on the homepage, yes, 1,000 words can slow down readers. That’s where a good designer comes in. Any experienced SEO can tell you that formatting content with eye-catching headlines, brief paragraphs, and images/infographics can break up your content and make your homepage easy to read.

Your visitors know what they’re looking for. So, cover everything they might need, and separate your ideas with informative headlines. Your 1,000-word homepage will be easy to read⁠ — and will lead them to the next step in the marketing funnel.

Reasons You Should Consider More Content for Your Homepage

So, why exactly do you need more content than you think on your homepage? Here are some of our biggest reasons for giving your homepage and SEO boost with added content.

More Content Builds User Trust

These days, content is something that needs to cater to both your audience and Google’s algorithm. Fortunately, Google rewards content that answers questions, so more content allows you to kill two birds with one stone. 

You users visit your site to find answers to common questions about your product. The less they have to dig through your site for these answers the higher the likelihood they’ll trust your industry authority and work with your brand. 

Building trust from your homepage is essential. Expansive, relevant content from the start will prove that your visitors came to the right site.

So, how do you find this content? Writing long-form content is more fun and easier than it seems. Research what people are looking for in your industry on message boards and social media. Everyone’s always talking, so you should easily find an up-to-date idea of what people need out of your industry.

Aside from that, take a look at your individual products or services and take the journalistic approach. Answer these main questions for each:

  • Who needs to use this product?
  • What is the product and what does it do?
  • Where can you find your product?
  • When would someone need this product?
  • Why does this product beat the competition?
  • How does your product improve users’ lives?

Your Site Doesn’t Have Search Engine Authority

A site that is short on content will likely not answer enough questions about its services for Google to deem it relevant. Google Bots will constantly crawl through indexed websites and rank them based on content relevance

If you’ve written your content to please human customers, then great! You’re on the right track! Crawlers will notice the fruits of your labor and find that your homepage is one that proves industry authority and answers questions.

Gaining authority on search engines is huge because it can put your homepage in the spotlight during specific search queries. 

From there, you can continue expanding the rest of your site’s content and watch the rankings of your brand rise to the top over time.

More Content Ranks for More Keywords

Keyword stuffing is one of the biggest sins of SEO. Some brand owners may know this and use it as their reasoning behind their wariness to expand the content. 

However, with the right content team behind your homepage expansion, the exact opposite of stuffing will happen. A nuanced writer will perform keyword research, and use popular semantics and long-tail keywords to keep your long-form content fresh and help it rank for several keywords at once.

By adding more keywords into the mix, your homepage can now rank well in several different types of searches surrounding your industry. This leads to our final reason to add more content to your homepage.

A Great Homepage Increases Site Traffic

Once you add up all of the reasons to add more content to your homepage, the biggest push is this one. A great homepage with authority, relevant content, and buzz in the industry will gain a great ranking position and get in front of all of the right people.

This attention drives site traffic and leads to increased conversions, which is most likely why you got into trying out SEO in the first place.

How Long Should Your Homepage Be?

While some homepages may have enough information to properly inform an audience in 700 words or less, there are other professionals out there who would say that your page needs to be in the 1.600 word-count range. 

The truth is, as long as your homepage answers all relevant questions about your products and why your customer needs them, there really is no set in stone page length for SEO.

Keep in mind, however, relevant content isn’t usually something that is easily summed up in a few hundred words. So, the next time your SEO tells you that your homepage is sparse and needs a content expansion, trust their expertise and let them help you create a homepage that hits the right keywords and answers the right questions.

Reel in Audiences Through Your Homepage With Dallas SEO Dogs

If you’re ready to become an online authority in your industry, let the SEO experts of Dallas SEO Dogs help you make your way to the top of search results. From content creation to daily SEO updates, our team can provide you with all of the online services that will improve your site rankings while positively impacting consumer decisions. 

We’d love to meet with you and discuss how we’ve helped brands like yours in the past. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team.