Zero Click Search: Should Your SEO Reach for the Stars?

Posted - August 4, 2021
Black Man Reviewing His Business' Search Results Rankings

Zero click searches are searches on Google, Bing, or other search engines that give users direct answers via featured snippets. 

Seeing the answer to your search directly in search results can be an awesome feeling. But what if you’re the website that puts so much effort into SEO (search engine optimization) to be in “position zero?” Is it worth the effort if you don’t get the click?

Let’s take a look at how zero click search works, why it matters to users, and why your website should still try to provide answers that earn your brand a featured snippet.

How Zero Click Search Works

In a “zero click” search, the user never engages with an actual website, but still walks away with the knowledge they need.

Some examples of when you may have used zero click search in the past could be the time you searched for a business’ address or checked the time in a city that wasn’t part of your time zone.

Screenshot Of Position Zero Featured Snippet From Digestive Health Centers Of North Texas

What Content Ranks in Position Zero?

Getting content into a zero position on a search engine isn’t a guaranteed process. However, there are several different types of content that make their way to the top of search engines and result in a zero click search.

Some of the most common pieces of content include the following features:

  • Definitions
  • How-To Tutorials
  • Answers to the Five Journalism “Ws” (Who, Wha, Where, When, Why)
  • Top Lists
  • Price Comparisons
  • Thorough FAQ Answers

Why Would Users Search and End at Results?

A user’s search is always a quest for answers. Keep in mind that around 50 percent of searches are zero click searches, and many people still move on to third-party websites to shop, further research services, or to simply go down an information rabbit hole.

However, most users simply want the answers they need. Google is a known point of authority, and only posts featured snippets from authoritative, trusted, websites. The information found in a zero spot on a search result is bound to be the most direct, accurate answer to a search query. 

Therefore, when users find the answers they need directly from a search engine, it may be in-depth and satisfying enough for them to click away and move on with their day.

Who Really Benefits From Zero-Click Results?

When users don’t click on your website but stay on a search engine for answers, doesn’t that just benefit the search engine? Of course—search engines, like all websites, want users to stick around as long as possible in order to target users for advertising and to ultimately become their preferred search engine.

So yes, it’s true, when you look at it from one angle, search engines do have the advantage when it comes to zero click search. But that doesn’t mean that your website can’t benefit from appearing in this SERP spot.

Should Your SEO Focus on Zero Click Search?

For many businesses jumping into SEO, this tends to be a million dollar question. The short answer is a resounding yes! Even if users find answers originating from your website through a zero click search, there are several benefits to getting your content posted as a featured snippet in the zero position on a search engine.

Increased Web Traffic

In most instances, your featured snippet can be tantalizing enough to generate a click to your site. Even if you encounter zero click searches around half the time, you’ll still see a significant rise in your website’s traffic.

As a member of the zero position club, your content is the first thing that users see when they perform a search. So, when users want to dig deeper into a subject, your website is likely to be the one a user engages with.

Website Authority

When your website earns a featured snippet, wear it on your sleeve proudly because search engines deem it as a point of authority in your industry. Google strives to use content that thoroughly answers questions for its featured snippets. 

If your site has generated traffic, improved its click through rate, and keeps people engaged, Google will notice and could reward you for your great metrics.

Audiences know that featured snippet content is the most direct and best content possible for their search. Therefore, not only could your site become a point of industry authority, but your brand awareness amongst your target demographic could begin to skyrocket as more users discover your site.

Increased Conversions

Great SEO can result in a massive domino effect for brands that use it. As your site traffic increases, brand awareness rises, and you maintain your point of authority in your field, the likelihood of increased conversions rises.

Essentially, if you can explain why your brand is the go-to option for audiences in the answer to a question, visitors are prone to engage with your site and ultimately, convert.

Improved Keywords Rankings

Keyword rankings aren’t directly related to zero position. However, as your website’s rankings increase due to zero position placement, you could begin to rank well for your top keywords, further improving your site’s visibility on search engines.

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