4 Reasons Why You Should Weave a Story Into Your Next Blog

Posted - June 2, 2021
Storytelling Concept on notebook

Dallas SEO Dogs has a bail bond client that came to us with an already established business that was flourishing but needed a little help with its search engine optimization (SEO). Over the first months of the project, our team optimized, updated, and created content for their site, yielding fair results, but were still having issues cracking into the first page of search results in such a saturated industry.

Blogging for their site is our biggest means of keeping their information fresh, so we decided to take a step away from the informational pieces and ask our clients if they’d share some stories from behind the bondsman’s desk.

They obliged, and we got a great piece out of it that detailed a drunken sandwich shop arrest that involved battery with a 10-inch sub. Suffice to say, readers “ate it up”, and as we continued to pepper in these types of story posts with our regular updates, our client had some of the best months in its history (and in the middle of a pandemic at that!).

Our point is that storytelling can be one of the most beneficial ways your brand can bring some life to your content and SEO goals. We understand that it isn’t possible in every industry, but let’s be honest, most clients have a story to tell, and it really all comes down to being able to step outside of their comfort zone and trust us to weave their tale into our content process.

If you are a business owner that wants to increase your site’s engagement and rankings, here are four reasons why you should start telling your stories, today!

Storytelling can Spice Up Old Content Ideas

Sometimes even evergreen content can seem stale after a standard update. Charts and statistics may be viable information but let’s be honest, they don’t draw readers in.

Amidst your extremely relevant content, mix in some storytelling that brings your concepts into the real world. 

So, take some time to review your past blogs and find posts that are still relevant to your practices. Adding a story to these posts and updating the general facts and keywords, will give your content a fresh, natural look, while also appeasing the Google deities.

Stories Build Valuable Connections, Connections Build Loyalty

In order to make a connection that sells, your brand needs a face that audiences trust. Any brand can write an informational, robotic blog. But a brand that goes beyond the facts and opens itself up to an audience? That’s a brand that consumers connect with on a personal level.

People are eager for extra information on their favorite brands or subjects. Telling a story to your readers literally pulls back the curtain a bit on your industry and gives your site visitors a sense of ownership that could be the actual call to action that sets off a product purchase or service request.

If People Enjoy It, Google Will Reward It!

A great story is something that reels in an audience, keeps them there, and convinces them to pass the tale onto a friend. The great thing about storytelling in blogs is that you don’t have to hit Stephen King or Tarantino-level writing to accomplish this goal.

A story about your worst pest control job or reasons behind a spike in gas prices connects with audiences and lets them actually enjoy and engage with your content. As more people share your post across the web, traffic will gradually increase, people will stay on your pages longer, and your bounce rate will eventually lower.

As you continue to post captivating stories alongside your informative content, your audience should grow as people continue to enjoy your blogs. One of the perks of gaining consistent attention is that Google will recognize your progress and could eventually deem you as an authoritative resource of your industry.

Once your site gains a greater reputation with Google, expect your search result rankings to rise and Google to start featuring your content in its coveted snippets results section

Create Some Beneficial Backlinks

Storytelling that combines entertainment and accurate industry information is extremely shareable content. When your site becomes a frequent source for credible information, other industry sites and bloggers will create backlinks to your site. 

Backlinks from reputable sites will increase your traffic and reflect well on your site when Google determines where quality sites rank in the SERPs.

Tell Your Brand’s Story with Dallas SEO Dogs

If you’re ready to broaden your brand’s content, the creative team at Dallas SEO Dogs is ready to hear your stories. Let us help you handle your content output, branding, and behind-the-scenes optimization while you push your business forward with its day-to-day operations.

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