5 Benefits of Using a Keyword Research Tool to Improve Your SEO

Posted - June 17, 2020
Benefits of keyword research

Using the right tools in any industry is always a great way to increase productivity and results. Most businesses use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a strategic tool for climbing to the top of search engine rankings. While the SEO industry has some of the brightest minds for working around updates and algorithms, even we need tools to help us get the best results for our clients. Some of the most essential tools at our fingertips are keyword research tools that bring a plethora of perks to the table for both digital marketers and clients. From SEMRush to Google Analytics, there are several options out there that make keyword research and other SEO essentials more manageable. We’ll get to the choices later, but first, let’s take a look at the five top benefits of using online keyword research tools to improve your SEO.

Everything You Need For Organic SEO Development

Not only do keyword research tools help you find the most relevant keywords in your industry, but they also provide you with several opportunities to maximize your keyword use throughout your entire SEO strategy. Sure, above all things, a great keyword research tool should help you find essential keywords. However, they can also help with:

  • Deciphering overall keyword trends
  • Longtail keyword relevance
  • Real-time keyword results for accurate metrics

If performed manually, or without the help of a research tool, your findings would be outdated by the time you successfully tracked down the information you sought out. With a research tool on-hand, all of these benefits can be built into the program to help you find what you need with the click of a button.

Organized metrics

Keep Track of Your Metrics

Being able to track and improve your website’s ranking metrics is essential to great keyword research. When you use research tools to insert the right keywords in your content, you’ll want to keep track of your efforts. Tools like SEMRush have built-in features that can help you keep up with your keyword progress. Find out more about:

  • Which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site
  • How your website is ranking on popular search engines amongst the local competition
  • How many visitors engaged with a specific piece of content and became potential customers

All of these are important to reassuring you that your SEO efforts are moving in the right direction. Enjoy the benefits of having all of your metrics tracked in one place with the help of an SEO keyword research tool that meets your needs.

stay competitive

It’s Easy to Stay Competitive

Part of rising to the top of an industry is keeping tabs on the competition. With keyword research tools, it’s never been easier to stay competitive with friendly rivals. Do you want to find out what keywords your competition is using to beat you on Google and outrank them at their own game? Keyword research tools can help you perform an effective competitive analysis that ensures you’re using the right keywords at the right time.

Find High-Value Keywords, Fast!

Keyword research programs can help you go deeper than the few popular buzzwords of your industry and discover the profitable world of long tail keywords. These longer keywords are considered to be high-value because of how specific they are. If someone was searching for your long tail keyword, their chances are high that they’ll convert on your site when they get there. Long tail keywords can link to specific phrases used on your site and make their use in your content unique. Once your content stands out with long tail keywords that audiences are searching for, it will usually begin to become more profitable and rank higher on search engines.

Keyword Research Tools Help You Plan!

Planning out your content is one of the most important areas of your digital marketing strategy, and keywords are usually at the center of your topic choices. With the constant knowledge of what’s being searched for in your industry and a list of the most relevant keywords at the time, these programs serve as a great resource for brainstorming blog and content ideas.

What Are Some of the Keyword Research Tools Out There?

When it comes to the wide world of keyword research, there are many options for users, the right ones are just determined by how they meet a user’s needs. Some of the most reliable tools we’ve seen used for SEO are:

  • SEMRush
  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Tool
  • SpyFu, and more!

Remember, a keyword tool isn’t a cure-all and still requires users to understand what they need from these programs. Instead of just buying, downloading, and hoping they stick, work with your digital marketing team to peg down which keyword tool could be the one that generates the most results for your business’ goals.

Improve SEO Rankings

Maximize Your SEO Possibilities With Dallas SEO Dogs

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